Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15th, 2012


What Was Due Today
·      A superior, final copy of Prose Revision #1
·      Let’s talk about handing in final copies!  J

·      Portfolios Due Monday (1st Block) or Tuesday (4th Block)
·      Portfolio = 20% of your entire term grade (orange pages in your binder)
·      Revisions = 15% of your entire term grade (20% just for peer conferencing)

·      Finish Conferencing.
·      Continue final revision drafting.
·      Draft the Perfect Moment

Thursday—Revising Poem #2

Please mark off each of the following items as you complete them.  Thanks!
1.      Get out your paper copy for the second poem you are going to revise.
2.     Read “Advice for Revising Poetry”.
3.     Put a star by five questions you’d like to answer when you create your SECOND DRAFTS of this poem.
4.     REVISE to a second draft, making a MINIMUM of ten changes.
5.     Print!  Keep your two drafts safe until 2:31 when you will peer conference.
6.         Get out Prose #2 or Poem #1.
7.          Review the comments you received from your peer conferencer.
8.         Revise it to a superior, final draft.


If you finish early, please write in the space below what you spent your work time on:

When You Finish Your Peer Conference
1.      Return papers to their owners.
2.     Staple your papers like this:
a.     Second draft (on top)
b.    Gold sheet (middle)
c.     Rough draft (on bottom.
3.     Put them in the drawer.  I’m going to review them, then give them back to you tomorrow.

Perfect Moment
1.      Get your Perfect Moment Prep Sheet off the back table.
2.     Finish page two (Perfect Moment Prep Sheet) completely, if you have not already done so.
3.     Review the big picture for this assignment (pages 4-5).
4.     Review the FIVE targets for this assignment on page 6.
a.     Strong diction
b.    Strong detail—Showing, not Telling
c.     Present tense (NOT PAST!)
d.    Strong title
e.     Brief and focused narrative—short time frame
5.     Type a first draft of this assignment (one paragraph at the least, two at the most, unless you’re using dialogue).
6.    At 3:15 (not before), PRINT! 
7.     Staple the prep sheet on the back, then toss it in the drawer.
8.    Shut down your iBook, and put it away, please.

1.      Revise any of your three remaining pieces (You have them all back in your hands now.) to SUPERIOR FINAL DRAFTS!
2.     Portfolio!


Today we figured out that we have more to do than time remaining to do it.  :-)

So, here's what we decided:
Gavin and Bryton read their stories aloud today, and we commented, on google docs, as they read.  Thank you, Adam, for showing everyone how to comment!  
Several people didn't want to read their stories aloud anyway, so we decided we would read some stories out of class.  The schedule is listed below, and it's also in google docs in our ACW folder.
We needed today to finalize printing, to bind, and to do all the little last-minute stuff to be ready with our children's books for tomorrow.
Everyone has been working hard--we're simply running out of time.

Happy Thursday!

1.       Who else do I need to print?
2.      Do you have all your pages for ALL copies?
3.      Binding concerns?
4.      Extra copy of your book for me!
5.      Adam’s going to do a quick lesson on how to make comments.
6.      Readers for Today:
a.      Adam
b.      Dana
c.      Shelby
d.      Haley

After Lunch
1.       Organize children’s stories.
2.      Does everyone have every page needed for all books?
3.      How are we binding?

Homework for Tomorrow
1.       Tiffany

Homework for Monday--Read Stories (Even Though We Don’t Meet)
2.      Ryan
3.      Emily
4.      Shannon  (PUT YOUR STORY IN THE FOLDER!)

Homework for Tuesday--Read Stories
5.      Dosha
6.      Angelic

Read Aloud Tuesday
1.       Dana
2.      Maddie
3.      Adam
4.      Shelby
5.      Wesley
6.      Haley

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