Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, 3/6/2012--Advanced Creative Writing

Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Tuesday, 3/6/2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please drop your facebook character sketch in the drawer, but make sure your name is on it first, please.
·       Days Remaining in Term 3 = 9 (not including last two days for finals)

1.      We do NOT have iBooks Tuesday or Wednesday.
2.     Wednesday, we will be BACK at STEWART with our writing buddies.

Before Lunch—Lessons and Expectations (Our Targets)
Homework Due Today
1.      Facebook Character Sketch (children’s story)
2.     Four pages, typed rough draft (short story)

Short Story Lesson—Setting (p. 78)
·       I’m going to read aloud  an excerpt from “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment”. 
·       You highlight ANY and EVERY element that SHOWS (or tells) you where the SETTING is:  place, time, environment.

After Lunch—Work Time for Children’s Story
Children's Story
1.      We will need to start scanning our artwork on THURSDAY.
2.     Review the grading criteria for this assignment.
3.     Create a storyboard for discussion with your buddy(ies) tomorrow, then hand it in to me.
4.     Conference with me about your storyboard when you complete it today.
5.     Create a second (and final) facebook character profile.
6.     Draw another illustration for your story, OR create on with Photo Shop.

With Me
·       Conference about your facebook character sketch.

Wednesday, 3/7/2012
·       We will go to Stewart and meet and interview our writing buddies!
·       Bring a sack lunch, because we will be there from 11:30 until 1:05.

Murphy Writing Buddies Lesson Plan for Wednesday
1.      Slowly walk through your storyboard with your group.  Answer their questions as needed.
2.     Now go over one frame at a time with your buddies, and ask them to come up with possible dialogue lines or thought-bubbles for that particular frame.
3.     Review all the illustrations you currently have for your story with your buddies.
4.     Ask buddies to draw or color any illustration as needed.
5.     Take a head-shot of your buddy.  (Remember we’re thinking about photo-shopping their faces on some of the illustrations.)
6.     Take a group shot with your buddy.


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