Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creative Writing

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Pick up a Simile Creation handout.
3.     You do NOT need an iBook!  

Big Ideas for the Week
·       Showing, Not Just Telling
·       Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety sheet out every day!  J
·       Days Remaining in Term 3 = 8 (not including last two days for finals)

Writing Lesson: 
1.      Simile Creation (handout)
2.     Talk about HOW to do the assignment.
3.     Do one as a model.
4.     Twenty minutes to start the assignment—finish it (all rectangles filled completely) by classtime tomorrow
5.     This must be a silent work time.  I need a few quiet minutes to organize things for your paper pass-back and folder log-in.

Organization and Reflection
·       Revision and Portfolio Thinking Worksheet
·       What I Have:
o   WWYLN?
o   Your Autobio Poem, IF you haven’t read aloud yet
o   Possibly Journal #6
o   Three Fifty-Word Stories (1st Block Only)
o   Sense Poems (4th Block Only)
·       Pieces We’re Still Going to Write and Create Final Drafts Of (Next Five Days)
o   Simile Poem (second then final drafts)
o   Perfect Moment Memoir (one-two paragraphs)
o   Snapshot Poem
·       Paper pass-back
·       Folder log in

·       Your Musical Memory I did NOT read!  I gave you points for first draft, revision, and peer conference.

·       Simile Creation Sheet
·       Portfolio


Murphy Writing Buddies Lesson Plan for Wednesday
1.      Slowly walk through your storyboard with your group.  Answer their questions as needed.
2.     Now go over one frame at a time with your buddies, and ask them to come up with possible dialogue lines or thought-bubbles for that particular frame.
3.     Review all the illustrations you currently have for your story with your buddies.
4.     Ask buddies to draw or color any illustration as needed.
5.     Take a head-shot of your buddy.  (Remember we’re thinking about photo-shopping their faces on some of the illustrations.)
6.     Take a group shot with your buddy.

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