Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, 3/12/2012


I did a lot of explaining today, since this is day one of revision.  The rest of the week should go much faster, but the information below is information you will need for the week, so please read carefully.


  • Having a Writing Conference With Yourself
  • Checklist for Today
  • Peer Conference Sheet (gold)
  • Ryan D. Peer Conference with Kailey C.

Class Expectations for the Week for Revisions
1.      Stay in your assigned seat for work-time today.  I need to be able to monitor your progress, and see your screens at a glance.
2.     Work independently. 
3.     If you have a procedural question, read the directions again.
4.     Why the rules?
o   This is THE ASSIGNMENT where you show me you can apply EVERYTHING we’ve done this term.  If you’re not using your best brain, and doing your best work, you’re totally missing the point!  And you’re missing out on the opportunity to create something great!
o   Revision is important—I’m giving you time in class to work on them; therefore, I have to insist that you are focusing all your time and energy on revision.
o   If people don’t finish revisions today in class, they become homework, which infringes on your time to create the portfolio. 
o   If people don’t finish revisions and don’t do them for homework either, they aren’t available for peer conferencing tomorrow.  Consequently, 20% of their grade for the assignment will be an “F”. 
o   I still have multiple pieces to read and get back to you.  I have to be able to focus in order to get these things done.

Monday—Creative Writing Revision—Checklist for Today
1.      Get out your paper copy for the first prose piece (NOT a poem) you are going to revise.  WRITE “FIRST DRAFT” in big letters across the top.
2.     Read “Having a Writing Conference with Yourself”.
3.     Put a star by five questions you’d like to answer when you create your SECOND DRAFTS of revised prose.
4.     REVISE to a second draft, making a MINIMUM of ten changes.
5.     Print!  Keep your two drafts safe until 2:50 today, when I’ll look at them, and when you will peer conference.
6.    Get out Prose Revision #2.
7.     Repeat steps #1-6.
8.    Consider:  if you work for fifteen minutes on the assignment, you’re averaging about 1.5 revisions per minute, and that’s if you make only the bare minimum changes for tomorrow, which is ten.
9.    What does it say if it takes you less than fifteen minutes?

PEER CONFERENCE (Twenty minutes of block)

1.      Print Revised Prose #1, if you have not already done so.
2.     Close your printer lid.
3.     Get a copy of the Peer Conference Model (yellow) off the back table.
4.     Read over the comments Kailey gave Ryan.  Circle the ones you feel would be most helpful to you as a writer.
5.  FIll out a gold Peer Conference Sheet for Revision.
6.  Choose an opposite gender partner, and do your conference!

End of Block

1.      Return papers to their owners.
2.     Staple your papers like this:
a.     Second draft (on top)
b.    Gold sheet (middle)
c.     Rough draft (on bottom.
3.     Put them in the drawer.  I’m going to review them, then give them back to you tomorrow.
4.     Put your iBooks away, and make sure they’re plugged in, please.
5.     If you are returning at “5” iBook, you MUST rubberband the cords nice and neat—Maddie JUST re-banded them all 2nd block today.

Homework = Portfolio

In Class Tomorrow = Revised Prose #2 and Peer Conference

1.      LEAVE the MLA format on your paper for your four REVISIONS.
2.     GET RID OF the MLA format before you print for your PORTFOLIO pieces.  


Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Monday, 3/12/2012
When You Come In
1.       Please sign in.
2.      Grab an iBook for printing.
3.      Your grade sheet is on your desk.  PLEASE HOLD YOUR QUESTIONS about anything on that sheet until later in the block.  I have a time scheduled for us to talk.  THANK YOU!  J

Printing—first five minutes of class:
1.       Print out your Revised Short Story.
2.      Staple it in this order:
a.      On Top:  Revised Second Draft
b.      Middle:  Peer Conference Sheet (from Friday)
c.      Bottom:  Original Draft (w/peer conferencer’s comments)
3.      Put it in the drawer now, please.
4.      Can two people share their Children’s Story with me?  I need two guinea pigs to talk about text blocking and phrasing.  Please and thank you!  J

1.       Short Story Final Draft Due
o    Wednesday, 8:10AM (Gavin, Dana, Bryton, Adam)
o    Thursday, 8:10AM (Haley, Maddie, Emily, Shelby)
o    Friday, 8:10AM (Everybody else!  J)
2.      Children’s Story Almost-Final Draft = WEDNESDAY
3.      Children ‘s Story Final Draft = THURSDAY

Children’s Story
Short Story
1.       Review rubric!
2.      Block text
3.      Scan art
4.      Start page layout
1.       Work Day
5.      Review rubric!
6.      Peer Conf
7.      20 min. FIRST THING!

½ Work Day

Fiction Circle at 12:32

Fiction Circle—all block
Final Draft Due!  Go to Stewart to share!

·       Children’s Story conferences with Shelby, Shannon, Dosha, and Dana.
·       Grade conferences:  first dibs = Bryton and Ryan, Shelby, Angelic; anyone else who wants to chat about the grade sheet, come back when my chair is empty.  Please bring anything you want me to look at though!

Willis Work
1.       Catch up with people on grades.
2.      Upload the pics of your buddies from photobooth.  Save them in the Student Volume/HS Classes folder for ACW.
3.      Run a test page after someone scans, so we can see how it's going to look.

Homework for Tuesday
1.       All text successfully blocked

Homework for Wednesday
2.      All illustrations complete (or sent to buddies to complete)

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