Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, 3/9/2012

Creative Writing
Happy Friday, 3/9/2012
When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab an iBook.
3.     Grab your folder.
4.     Start working to finish your Simile Poem Revision.  You have the first ten minutes of class.
5.     If you finish early, please review your Portfolio and Revision Thinking page, and do the assignment below involving paperclips. 
a.     About half of you did not turn this in, so if you’re not getting it back from me now with a “check” on it, you need to finish it.  Keep it at your desk.  Do not give it to me now.  Please and thank you.

Revision:  Simile Poem
1.      Get out your rough draft of this poem (in your manila folder).
2.     Review requirements and rubric for the Simile Poem (handout).
3.     Read over ALL the SIMILE SUGGESTIONS you got from people (Simile Creation Sheet).
4.     How and why do these similes work?  And do they need more detail?
5.     Create your SECOND DRAFT of this poem, which I will read.
6.     Fill out the rubric.
Turn In:  staple as follows, then put in the drawer:
1.      Completed rubric (on top)
2.     Final draft
3.     Rough Draft with brainstorm List (on bottom)
4.          End Time for Work is 2:05

Portfolio and Revision Thinking
1.      Get three paperclips.
2.     Clip together the two POEMS you’re going to revise next week.
3.     Clip together the two PROSE you’re going to revise next week.
4.     Clip together the six other pieces you’re using in your portfolio.
1.      WWYLN
2.     Simile Poem

What I Have
3.     Fifty-Word Stories
4.     Journal #6
5.     WWYLN
6.     Simile Poem

Small Sharing Groups (thirty-five/forty minutes)
Last Few Minutes of Class
1.      Please put your iBooks away, and plug them in.
2.     Please fill out the bottom of your yellow Small Group Sharing sheet, then throw it in the drawer.
3.     Ringleader, please drop the green sheet in the drawer, after you write me a sentence about how things went.  Please and thank you!
4.     Give your WWYLN? to Shannyn, IF you took it out of the folder to read to your group.
5.     Give your Revised Simile Poem to Ben, IF you took it out of the drawer to read to your group.

For the Weekend
1.      Take your folder home.  It might help you as you think about your portfolio to see all your physical work in front of you.
2.     Gather construction materials for your portfolio.
3.     Start creating your portfolio.  You don’t want to wait until next weekend to find out your idea will need modifications, or it won’t work at all. 
4.     Come to class Monday read for the last week of class:
Perfect Moment
Pre-Writing; Draft One
Revise Prose #1
Peer Conference; Draft Two
Peer Conf Prose #1; Revise Prose #2
Peer Conference; Final Draft
Peer Conf Prose #2; Revise Poem #1
Peer Conf Poem #1; Revise Poem #2
Peer Conf Poem #2; Final Drafts

Advanced Creative Writing
Happy Friday, 3/9/2011
When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Pick up a gold and a blue sheet, please.
3.     Grab an iBook for printing.

Printing—first five minutes of class:
1.      Print out your Short Story.  (Make sure it’s doublespaced and has MLA format….)
2.     Keep this copy at your desk.
3.     Print out your Children’s Story. 
4.     Staple the revised draft (homework from last night) on top of your first draft from yesterday (with people’s comments on them), and drop it in the drawer.

Short Story
1.      Rubric discussion
2.     Peer Conference explanation (partners already assigned)
3.     Peer Conference EXECUTION!

After You Finish Your Peer Conference
1.      Read over and reflect upon your conference.
2.     Pick up a storyboard off the back table.
3.     Think about the rest of your story—where is it going?
4.     Sketch out the remainder of your story, using EITHER pics or words and phrases.  Do whatever works for you, but I do want to see that you have a concrete idea/plan for where you are heading with revision.
5.     When you complete this, start revising your story to its SECOND, ALMOST FINAL draft.

·       SECOND DRAFT DUE:         Monday
·       FINAL DRAFT DUE:                  Wednesday
·       If you finish early, please turn it in early, and I’ll have it copied by for Wednesday’s fiction circle!  

Children’s Story
Short Story
1.      Block text
2.     Scan art
2nd Draft due
Peer Conference
1.      Drawings back from 2nd-graders; Work Day
Work Day (if needed)
Work Day

Final Draft Due

Fiction Circle
Final Draft Due!  Go to Stewart to share!

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