Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Reading and Writing Assignment:  Where Were You Last Night?                     (60 minutes)
1.      Read and discuss the requirements for this assignment on page 25.
2.     Click on google docs, and read the two stories there—your models—in the folder called “Where Were You Last Night? Models”.  There is one from Ben TeBockhorst, and one form Ethan Black.
3.     Spend some time thinking about ideas for your own story.  Most colleges will tell you to think and plan ten minutes for every hour or writing you have to do.
4.     Type a first draft for this story.  Your target is at least one and a half pages (doublespaced) by the end of work-time today.  If you don’t hit that target, finish it for homework.

Organization                                                                                                                              (10 minutes)
1.      In google docs, create a collection (It’s like a folder.) called “Portfolio”.
2.     Think about which pieces you’ve written that you might want to include in your portfolio. 
3.     Drag any pieces you might want to use in your portfolio to that new folder.  Then you’ll have all your portfolio pieces in one place.

If Time Allows
Explore the following links, and select ONE of them to do yourself:

Arts and Crafts—Create your Artful Compliment Container!                   (Last 15 minutes)
1.      Decorate your take-out box or paper sack. 
2.     Make sure your name is on it in BIG, LEGIBLE letters!
3.     Other than that, you can decorate it however you wish, as long as it’s appropriate.
4.     Please neaten up the supplies and the room when you’re done!

·       None

Advanced Creative Writing

Timed Writing Journal                                                                                          (Twenty Minutes)
1.      Read the choices on page 38 for the Timed Journal Memoir Prompts.
2.     Select one that makes you want to jump in and start writing.
3.     Type for twenty minutes on the topic of your choosing.
4.     Print it, and put it in the drawer, please.

Reading and Thinking Assignment                                                      (Thirty Minutes)
1.      Browse the material on the following three links:
2.     Select one of the assignments to do as your final memoir assignment.
3.     Start one of these assignments today.  (You will have time tomorrow to work on this assignment as well.)

Writing Assignent:  Final Copy of Graphic Memoir                                                      (Thirty Minutes)
1.      If you didn’t talk about page 61 with Mr. Collins as a class yesterday, please do that today as a way of fixing in your brain what a graphic memoir can be.
2.     Review the requirements for this assignment on page 62.
3.     Create the final draft of your graphic memoir, using any arts and crafts materials as needed.
4.     Print a blank copy of the six-panel worksheet from google docs, if you need a fresh, white one.

·       None

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