Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Creative Writing

  • Journal #5 is due today, so please give it to Mr. Collins by the time the tardy bell rings.  Thanks!
Note about printing:
  • Since you're writing and printing three assignments today, do NOT go pick anything off the printer until the last ten minutes of the block.  Then send one person over to pick up everything.  Ten minutes at the end of the block should be enough time to pass out the papers, make sure yours printed, and hand in everything.  Mr. Collins, will you please make separate folders for each assignment?  Thank you!
Writing Assignment:  Theme for English B
  1. Mr. Collins is going to read you the poem on page 45.
  2. Discuss it as much as necessary.
  3. Your assignment, which will be done in class right now, is to write your own Theme for English B.  The assignment is on page 46. 
  4. You have twenty minutes for this assignment.
  5. Print it.
  6. No one will read this but me, unless you choose to share it.
Revision Assignment:  Musical Memory (2nd Draft)
  1. Get out your Musical Memory.
  2. Re-read it.
  3. Read carefully over your peer conferencer's comments.
  4. Pick up a gold Musical Memory Mini-Rubric.
  5. Read it carefully.
  6. Revise your Musical Memory, making at least ten changes.
  7. Print it.
  8. Staple the revised copy on top of the original.
  9. You have twenty-five minutes for this assignment.

Writing Assignment #2:  Autobiographical Poem
  1. Turn to page 38, and read the directions for this assignment.
  2. Mr. Collins will read Kyle's poem (our model for this assignment) on page 39.
  3. Now create your own Autobiographical Poem rough draft.  This is only a rough draft.  We will revise these.
  4. Print it, then turn it into the drawer.

Advanced Creative Writing

Writing Assignment #1:  Timed Journal:  You (page 35)
  1. Turn to page 35.  There you will find a veritable cornucopia of timed journal options. 
  2. Take a few minutes to read through them all--on your own, or as a class, you and Mr. Collins decide.
  3. Set the timer, and type for twenty minutes on the one of your choosing.
  4. Print it, and put it in the drawer, please.
Reading Assginment:  Graphic Memoir
  1. Read and discuss pages 62-3 as a class.
  2. Get a copy of the Maus excerpt.
  3. You and a partner read and view (Since this is a graphic memoir, a lot of the story depends on your viewing of it.) the Maus excerpt.
  4. Answer the questions on page 61.
Writing/Illustrating Assignment:  Graphic Memoir
  1. Check out the graphic model examples on google docs--take some time to read AND view them.
  2. Think of an idea for your own graphic memoir, and sketch in out on page 64.  (This is just your rough draft.)
  3. Have a completed rough draft sketch ready for the first of class tomorrow, please.

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