Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, 2/17/2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Grab an iBook

1.      Joni E. (1st) and Clay W. are partners for the Prompt Word Poem Trade and Grade.  Clay has the info to share with Joni.
2.     Missing Class Poem #1:  Brittany S. (1st), Sydney A. (1st)—I will try to get with you two next week to make this up.

Writing Assignment: Musical Memory Journal, page 47 (Thirty minutes)
·       Read the requirements at the top of the page.
·       Think about your song and your memory.
·       Start typing! 
·       You have thirty minutes to type, the print.

Peer Conferencing:  Musical Memory, First Draft (Twenty minutes)
1.      Get a purple handout called “Musical Memory Reading” off the front circle table. 
2.     Find a partner in ten second or less, and trade musical memories and purple sheets.
3.     Follow the directions for the peer conference.
4.     Make at least ten comment on your partner’s Musical Memory, and fill out the purple sheet thoroughly.

Making Titles That Are Better Than This one (Fifteen minutes)
1.      Pink sheet, front circle table.
2.     Grab an earthbook!
3.     Drop this in the drawer when you’re done, please!

Homework for Tuesday:  Journal #5
·       at least one and half typed pages
·       any topic of your choosing
·       Make sure you paragraph!  J  Follow the structural and stylistic rules.

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