Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday, 2/23/2012

Creative Writing

Revision:  Where Were You Last Night?  (Draft Two Today!)                                                      (Thirty minutes)
1.      Pull up your Where Were You Last Night first draft.
2.     Read it over one time completely.
3.     Consider what you still want to add—then add it!
4.     Consider what you want to cut—then cut it!
5.     Make sure you’re using exactly the right words—consult your Vocabulary Variety page for help!
6.     Make sure your narrative is fiction—at least fifty percent lies.
7.     Make sure you used dialogue—at least four sentences.
8.     Make sure you edited your dialogue perfectly, using book pages for help.
9.     Make sure you paragraphed in meaningful, sensible way, to help make meaning clear.
10.   Give your story a strong title that adds a dimension to the story.                  
11.    The General Stuff
a.     a MINIMUM of 1 ½ pages (There is no maximum.).                                   
b.     typed
c.     doublespaced
d.     a twelve-point, clearly readable font.                  
e.     MLA format for heading

Writing Workshop
·       Catch up with any in-class items you need to.

Advanced Creative Writing

Big Idea for Today:  Why I Write
·       Today, I’d like you to examine why you write.
·       Starting tomorrow, you’re going to write about why you write.
·       But today you’re going to read about why OTHER people write.

What To Do
1.      On your own, as an individual, read AND ANNOTATE Orwell’s essay, “Why I Write”.  I’ve made big margins for you!
2.     If you finish before the rest of the class, start making a list of the reasons you write, both big and small.  (And yes, eventually you will be writing your own essay about why your write.)
3.     When all the class is finishes  reading and annotating, form pairs.
4.     Discuss the Reading Journal questions with your partner, then type your responses on ONE google doc, which you should save in the folder I’ve made for your replies.  Both of you can type on the same document.  Don’t make one person do all the typing.  That’s just mean.  L
5.     We will discuss your answers tomorrow.

If You Finish All Reading and Writing Related to “Why I Write”, Do the Following:
1.      Make sure your Graphic Memoir is complete.  Review the grading criteria in the orange pages.
2.     Make sure you’ve completed ONE of the Smith Magazine online options.  (See yesterday’s blog if you’re unclear about this.)
3.     Continue create your list of why you write.  Start typing a very rough draft of your own essay, modeled after Orwell, and title it, “Why I Write”.

·       This assignment is a poem, but it’s based on a moment that actually happened to you—so it’s a memoir poem, if you will.
·       “O World”—you’ll find this assignment on page 6 (yellow pages) of your text.
o   Write at least fifteen lines.
o   Show, don’t just tell.  Bring in the senses:  color, sound, texture, smell, concrete details.
o   Due:  Friday, at the start of class.  I’d like to start class with them.  If you’re willing to share, drop them into the class folder I’ve made in google docs.  If you’re not willing to share, bring a paper copy of the poem to class, and only I will read it.

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