Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, 2/8/2012 (Early Dismissal)


When You Come In
·       Please sign in!
·       We do not need iBooks today.

·       Take a look at the big picture for Unit 2—page 33!

Writing Lesson #1--Paragraphing
1.      Beginning a New Paragraph—page 34.  Let’s read it aloud together.
2.     Now practice what you just learned:  put paragraphs into the excerpt from John Green on page 34.  Use the paragraph symbol to show where there should be a paragraph.
3.     Compare your answers with a partner, making changes if needed.
4.     Look at the author's version of paragraph breaks.
a.     How are yours similar?  Why?
b.     How are yours different?  Why?

Writing Lesson #2--Making Line Breaks
1.      Read the directions; then I’ll model how to work with partners to complete the assignment on page ­­­­35.
2.     Take ten minutes with partners to break the poems into lines, then talk about how and why. (Started at 11:02; ending at 11:12)
3.     Get back together as a class to chat about the hows and whys, after we looked at the authors' original breaks.

·       The Prompt Word Poem is due FRIDAY, printed out and ready to trade with a partner when the tardy bell rings to start class. 
·       If you are printing, or running to the printer, when the tardy bell rings, I will deduct twenty points (two letter grades) from your final score for this assignment.


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Lay out your photo and your page 58 on your desk so I can check it for a homework grade, please.

Big Word for the Week = MEMOIR!
Big Word from Last Week – DICTION!
·       Vocabulary Variety sheet

Writing Assignment Reminder (Out-of-Class)
·       TWO Post Secret Post Cards are due THURSDAY, one to share, one to mail anonymously.

Writing Assignment:  Photo Memory                  (15 minutes—explanation and discussion)
1.      Discuss the rubric (first rubric we’ve had this term) for the assignment.
2.     Discuss the four main focal points of this memoir.
a.     Conflict—battle between two opposing forces; realization; turning point; epiphany;
                                      i.     Problem; fight; struggle; obstacle; war; argument; difference; debate
b.     Climax—culmination of the action; highest, most intense part of the plot
c.     Setting—where and when the story occurs
d.     Mood—feeling reader gets from the story; atmosphere

Pair-Share:  Photo Memory 
1.      With a partner, discuss your page 58.
a.     What is the heart of the story you want to tell?
b.     What are you looking forward to in creating this narrative?
c.     What are you worried about?

Writing Workshop:  Photo Memory (twenty minutes)
·       Started at 11:45-ish


1.      Grab your folders.
2.     Please give me the white paper called “Week Two Peer Conference”.
3.     Please give me the blue sheet from Small Group sharing Friday, if you still have it.

Ten More Minutes--Writing Workshop:  Photo Memory
·       Start at 12:35-12:45

Sharing:  Scavenger Hunt on Form and Meaning Poems
1.      Today we are starting with Dana’s poem!

1.      Two Post Secret Postcards for THURSDAY
2.     Photo Memory Memoir for FRIDAY (printed out by the time the tardy bell rings; if you are on an iBook or running to the printer when the tardy bell rings, I will deduct twenty points from your final grade on this assignment.)

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