Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday, 2/9/2012


When You Come In
·       Please sign in, then grab an iBook and do the following
1.      Change the file title of your Russian Tailor poem to “Russian Tailor—Your Last Name”.  THIS IS VITAL!  I’ll explain later.
2.     Share your Russian Tailor poem with me (Kerrie Willis) on google docs.
3.     Print a paper copy of your Around the Block poem to room 212, front/back.  Print it AS IS!  Don’t delete any comments yet! (I’ll send someone over to get them when everyone’s printed.
4.     Close your iBooks after you’ve done these two things.
·       Let me know if you want to be recorder for today’s warm-up!

Review from Yesterday
·       Making Paragraphs and Making Line Breaks
·       Explanation of “i.e.”!

Writing Lesson:  Line Breaks
1.      Discuss the poems you broke yesterday.
a.     Why did you break the lines where you did?
b.     Why did the writers break the lines where they did?  (originals)

Writing Assignment:  Prompt Word Poem (Twenty minutes—time yourself!)
On Tuesday, I handed out the RUBRIC for this assignment and went over it in detail.
1.      Re-read the rubric today, before you start on this assignment.
2.     Re-read “Reasons for Endline” at the bottom of page 36.
3.     Re-read “Tips on Titles” on page 37.
4.     Re-read the directions for this poem on page 22.
·       NOW you’re ready to create this poem!
·       This is due TOMORROW, so if twenty minutes today isn’t enough time for you to be able to give yourself a “4” on each target BASED ON EVIDENCE, you need to finish this for homework tonight.
·       The word list is saved on google docs for you.
·       One other person is going to read this on Friday.

Revision—Around the Block (Thirty Minutes)
1.      Grab your paper copy of this assignment.
2.     Do the FOUR chores I have for you on the handout.
3.     Open up your poem on google docs
4.     Read my comments to you.
5.     Revise this poem to make it a stronger piece of writing than it is right now.
6.     Make at least ten meaningful changes (not including editing), and do ALL of the following.
a.     Four ways
b.     Vocabulary Variety sheet
c.     Anything you want to add, subtract, or substitute
d.     Title
7.     Check out what happens in “Revision History”!
8.     Print a paper copy (front/back) of your final.
9.     I’ll send someone over to collect them all momentarily!

·       Paper pass-back and folder log-in!

·       The Prompt Word Poem is due FRIDAY, printed out and ready to trade with a partner when the tardy bell rings to start class. 
·       If you are printing, or running to the printer, when the tardy bell rings, I will deduct twenty points (two letter grades) from your final score for this assignment.


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Flash me your “secret” Post-Secret, then drop it in the envelope.
3.     Flash me your  “non-secret” Post-Secret, then put it face-down on my desk.  Don’t let anyone see it!

We have a lot of work to do today, so we can play tomorrow!

Writing Assignment:  Saying It Without Saying "It"
1.      Listen to Bill Withers's song/poem "Grandma's Hands" (p. 56).
2.     Brainstorm a list of our favorite people.
3.     Brainstorm physical, concrete things about one of them that would help us SHOW who he/she is/was.
4.     Go over the rubric.
5.     Due date:  MONDAY, paper copy in your hand BEFORE the tardy bell rings (We'll fill out the rubric in class Monday at the first of class.)

Writing Workshop #1--Saying It Without Saying "It" Poem (due Monday)
·       You have twenty minutes to work on this assignment.  Please review your rubric, as well as pages 56-7 in your book before you dive in today.
·       Started at 11:50; Stop for lunch at 12:03;
·       This assignment is due MONDAY when you walk in.
·       Print TWO copies, since TWO people will be reading it.  Thank you!

Writing Workshop #2—Day Two of Drafting Photo Memory (due tomorrow)
·       Review the rubric BEFORE you start working today, please !

REMINDER:  Use your Vocabulary Variety sheet

Post Secrets
·       We mailed one of our Post Secrets today.

1.      Photo Memory Memoir for FRIDAY (printed out by the time the tardy bell rings; if you are on an iBook or running to the printer when the tardy bell rings, I will deduct twenty points from your final grade on this assignment.)

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