Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, 2/10/2012


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Pick up a Prompt Word Poem Trade-and-Grade handout (luminous lime) off the back table.
3.     Keep your PROMPT WORD POEM with you at your desk, along with the rubric.  We’re going to fill that out together before you turn the poem in.

Due  (This is the note from yesterday):
·       The Prompt Word Poem is due FRIDAY, printed out and ready to trade with a partner when the tardy bell rings to start class. 
·       If you are printing, or running to the printer, when the tardy bell rings, I will deduct twenty points (two letter grades) from your final score for this assignment.

Trade and Grade Preparation
1.      We’ll fill out the rubric together, since this is the first one we’ve done. 
2.     STAPLE THE RUBRIC ON TOP OF YOUR POEM, and keep it at your desk.
3.     Go over the very details directions for the Trade-and-Grade.
4.     Look at examples from Advanced Creative Writing, so you can see how to really mark up your partner’s poem!

Peer Conferencing  (Twenty minutes)
·       Prompt Word Trade-and-Grade

·       Please turn to page 28 with me now!  
·       Questions you had from your group discussion

·       Number a scratch paper from 1-20.
·       Look at YOUR CLASS ideas so far. 
·       Guess whose is whose WITHOUT communicating in any way!

Portfolio Slideshow Viewing 
1.      Take a gander at the requirements for the portfolio on page 28.
2.     Sit back, and watch the slideshow of portfolios from the past few years.
a.     What do you notice?
b.     What’s great?
c.     What sparks an idea in your thinking?
d.     What ideas do you have for your own portfolio?

Homework for Monday:  Journal #4
·       at least one and half typed pages
·       any topic of your choosing
·       Make sure you paragraph!  J  Follow the structural and stylistic rules.


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Please get a green rubric for the Photo Memory.

Homework (Note from yesterday)
1.      Photo Memory Memoir for FRIDAY (printed out by the time the tardy bell rings; if you are on an iBook or running to the printer when the tardy bell rings, I will deduct twenty points from your final grade on this assignment.)

Peer Conference:  Photo Memory Trade and Grades
1.      Read the writer’s comments on his/her rubric.
2.     Read the memoir.
3.     Annotate!  Mark all over it!  Cover it up!  Comment on the rubric items, but also everything else.
4.     Fill out the RIGHT column of scores.
5.     Sign it in big letters at the bottom.
6.     Give it back to the writer.
7.     Staple the rubric on top of the Memoir.
8.     Put it in the drawer.

Mammoth Word Competitions
·       Apples to Apples—woo-hoo!
·       Words with Friends was not a success today, sadly….  (many technical issues)

·       Saying “It” Without Saying It Poem
·       Two paper copies ready to trade when the tardy bell rings
·       Review your rubric before you start revising!

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