Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 13th, 2012


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please drop Journal #4 in the drawer.
3.     You do not need an iBook right now.
4.     If you were gone on Friday, see me now; Joni E. needs a peer conferencing partner.  Jovany!

Writing Lesson—Writing Dialogue! 
Yes, This Means We’re Going to Write Some Stories!
1.      Let’s read the story on page 40 aloud, to see how to use and edit dialogue.  What do you notice?
2.     With a partner, read the questions about dialogue on page 41—“Dialogue Worksheet”.  (Ten minutes)
3.     Read pages 43-44 to find the answers, and record them on page 41.
5.     Let’s check page 41 in class.
6.     Let’s use the words you used in #10 to talk about “Words to Use Instead of ‘Said’”—page 42.
“Stop it,” Willis said.
1.      Demurred
2.     Admonished
3.     Carped
4.     Evinced
5.     Rebuked
6.     Quibbled
7.     Chuckled
8.     coaxed

Collaborative Writing—Partner Dialogue Story (Thirty minutes)
1.      Take a look at the model (handout):  “A Tale of Two Cougars
2.     I have your partners assigned on the roster.
3.     You’re going to write your own story with a partner.  Go! 
4.     Save these in the google docs folder (“Partner Dialogue Stories”), and we'll share them this week!

·       I will take pages 23 and 24 for a daily grade sometime this week, so have it ready to show me when I call you back to my desk, please.

Writing Experiment #8 (Last ten minutes)
·       Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies (poem)
1.      Please get out a piece of notebook paper.
2.     Put WE#8 at the top.
3.     List as many things as you can think of that made you afraid when you were a kid.

·       None


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Due:  Saying “It” Without Saying It Poem--two paper copies ready to trade when the tardy bell rings
3.     Please get a lime peer conference sheet, and fill out just the top.

Peer Conference
1.      Trade your Saying “It” poem with two other people.
2.     Once you’ve finished your trades, staple the green sheet on top of the two peer conferences, and throw them in the drawer, pretty please!  I’ll give them back WEDNESDAY.
3.     Pick up a Post Secret Viewing handout off the sign-in table, please.

·       Post Secrets--guess whose is whose!
·       Fill out your viewing sheet as we go!
·       We’ll have a reveal at the end, when we go back through.

1.      Paper pass-back.
2.     Folder log-in.
Revision Workshop
Childhood Lie OR Childhood Memory
1.      Re-read your memoir.
2.     Re-read your conferencer’s comments.
3.     Revise, making at least ten changes.
4.     Drop in google docs folder called “Revised Childhood Memory” for me to read.

Photo Memory
1.      Re-read your memoir.
2.     Re-read your conferencer’s comments.
3.     Re-read the rubric I’m using to grade this assignment (your targets).
4.     Revise, making at least ten changes.
5.     Print a paper copy.
6.     Staple a new rubric on top.
7.     Staple the original and the peer conference on bottom.

·       Bring your valentines and your party food!

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