Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!                                                                        2/7/2012

When You Come In
                  Please sign in!
                  Grab an iBook, and sign on to google docs.
                  Please get the new textbook chapter (Unit 2) off the back table, and put it in your binder.

Writing Lesson:  Diction
                  Get out your Vocabulary Variety pink sheet!  Give me a pair of words off there that are synonyms, but create different images in your mind.
                  Plummet OR plunged
                  Hurry OR scamper
                  Shout OR yell
                  Mute OR speechless
                  Dart OR dash
                  Zip and whisk
                  Dotted OR spotted
                  Trot OR gallop
                  Glossy OR shiny
                  Review:  What’s the difference between “denotation” and “connotation”.
                   (I need a recorder to keep track of who talks, please!)

Writing Assignment                  (Twenty Minutes to Draft Today; Twenty Minutes to Draft on Thursday)  Starting at 8:38; ending at 9:00
                  Prompt Word Poem Explanation and Rubric (due Friday, printed and in your hands by the tardy bell)
                  Word list on google docs
                  What was challenging about your work today?
                  What went well, or was a surprise (in a good way)?

Reading and Writing Workshop
Self-Reflection and Assessment
                  Please pick up a Death of Language Assessment worksheet off the back table.
                  Please get your Death of Language assignment off the back table.
                  FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, and fill out the assessment form.
                  Staple it to the top of your word list, then throw it in the drawer, please!

Reading Assignment (Twenty minutes—time yourself!)
                  Go to the following link:  http://fiftywordstories.com/
                  Browse these stories, and enjoy!
                  Find three that really speak to you, that spark something in you, that you like.
                  Copy and paste them into a google doc, including author and title.
                  Type one sentence after each one explaining why you like the story.
                  Save it in the class google docs folder as “your last name--Fifty Word Stories I Like”.

                  I will take pages 23 and 24 for a daily grade sometime this week, so have it ready to show me when I call you back to my desk, please.

With Me at My Desk (Some people still need to do this.)
                  Read me your Earliest Memory Poem aloud. 
                  Read me your Telling  a Story in a Poem.



When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Please get all three of the following off the table:
o   Luminous lime memoir conference sheet
o   TWO notecards
o   The memoir you typed yesterday

Big Word for the Week = MEMOIR!
Big Word from Last Week – DICTION!
·       Vocabulary Variety sheet

Writing Assignment (Out-of-Class)
3.     Explanation:   Post Secret Post Card assignment on page _____
4.     Slideshow viewing for models
5.     Supplies: TWO 4 x 6 index cards to each person. 
6.     TWO Post Secret Post Cards are due THURSDAY, one to share, one to mail anonymously.

Peer Conference:  Memoir Writing Assignment
·       Childhood Lie OR Childhood Memory


Sharing:  Scavenger Hunt on Form and Meaning Poems
1.      Today we are starting with Bryton’s poem!

Brain Pain
·       Scrabble Names

1.      Find a photo that is special to you.
2.     Complete the worksheet on page 58.
3.     Bring the photo and page 58 (completed) to class with you on TOMORROW!
4.     Two Post Secret Postcards for THURSDAY

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