Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing! 

When You Come In
·       Please sign in!
·       Please turn in your Journal #3 (folder on my desk).
·       Please turn in your Death of Language assignment (folder on my desk).
·       Please get your folder, and get your papers back, and do a folder log in.

What to do with the little packet of Cliché story comments:
1.      Read them all.
2.     Check off your name.
3.     Give it to the next person in your group to read.
4.     Repeat.

Writing Lesson:  Diction
1.      What does it mean?
2.     Why is it important?
3.     Get out your Vocabulary Variety pink sheet!  Give me a pair of words off there that are synonyms, but create different images in your mind.
a.     Dart and dash
b.     Sky blue and aqua blue
c.     Creep and sneak
4.      “Overweight” (loaded word)—spectrum from positive to negative
5.     Connotation versus Denotation—“Booger” Discussion

Writing Lesson Practice, Activity 1
1.      What Are You Suggesting? (p. 23) with a partner  (about ten minutes)
2.     Reminder:  Be appropriate and kind.
3.     We’ll share out with the whole class.
MORE POSITIVE                                                      MORE NEGATIVE
·       Car                                    Automobile
·       Glittery                           Sparkly
·       Maid                           Servant
·       Smart                           Nerdy
·       Jail                                    Prison
·       Friendly                           Kind
·       Police                           Cops

Writing Lesson Practice, Activity 2
·       Playing with Words:  Connotations (page 24) (about fifteen minutes)

4th Block Only
·       Writing Experiment #7 (ten minutes)

·       None


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Get the Memoir chapter off the table.
3.     Get the Vocabulary Variety sheet off the table.

Big Word for the Week = MEMOIR!
Big Word from Last Week – DICTION!
·       Vocabulary Variety sheet

Memoir Reading
·       Big Picture of the Memoir Unit--page 53
·       “Memoir”, by William Zinsser--page 54

Sharing: Six-Word Memoirs
·       Read ONE of yours aloud to the class for claps—synchronized claps, not sloppy claps!

Memoir Writing Assignment                                                       (thirty minutes)
·       Timed Journal Options (page 55)
o   Childhood Lie OR Childhood Memory

Earthbook Computer Chore
·       Enter your calendar information for February and March on the google calendar by 9AM Tuesday!  We need to get our next meeting set.
·       Haley, Emily, Maddie, Shannon, Adam, Dosha, Shelby, Bryton


Sharing:  Scavenger Hunt on Form and Meaning Poems
1.      Pick up where we left off Friday!

Homework (page 58)
·       Find a photo that is special to you.
·       Complete the worksheet on page 58.
·       Bring the photo and page 58 (completed) to class with you on WEDNESDAY!

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