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Wednesday, January 4th, 2012


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please look through your folder, and pull out your blank rubrics for the Perfect Moment, and for the Early Memory.

Setting the Tone for Today
·       Today is a dedicated quiet work period. 
·       Talking should be kept to a minimum, and it should only be to communicate about assignments listed below.
·       You are completing two pieces today that are worth, combined, ten percent of your entire term grade (Prose).
·       You are completing two pieces today that could be ready for your portfolio by the end of the block, if you do your best work.
·       I need today to read.  I’m not available today to help you, so read the directions on the blog, do your own thinking, and ask a neighbor for help if necessary.

Writing Lesson Reminders
·       Imagery--Review google docs examples.
·       Alliteration--Review google docs examples.

Revision—Early Memory
1.      I read your first paragraph, and I left you a comment about someone major I noticed.  I also did some editing.  PLEASE NOTE:  IT’S UP TO YOU TO DO THE REST, AND TO DO IT CLEANLY AND COMPETENTLY!
2.     Let’s review the rubric for this assignment.  Begin with the end in mind.
3.     Let’s review the orange peer conference sheet directions.  YOU MUST CONFERENCE WITH A DIFFERENT PERSON THAN YOUR FIRST PEER CONFERENCER!
4.     Today, I need it to be quiet and focused, because I have a lot of reading to do for you guys.  If you are quiet and working the whole block, your daily grade for today will be an “A”.
5.     If you read and follow all the directions today, your daily grade will be an “A”.

Note:  If you’re listed below, you did not turn in your Early Memory packet: 
second draft on top, completed peer conference sheet next, and rough draft on bottom.
If you show them to me RIGHT NOW, you can join everyone else for the second and final peer conference—but I need to see them now!
·       Lucas
·       Jase
·       Leticia
·       Ryan
·       Haley
·       Belen
·       Tiara
·       Megan

Sense Poem—Stapled Packet Missing—Show them to me now, if you want me to read them.
·       Rubric
·       Final Draft
·       Rough Draft
·       Leticia
·       Jalyn
·       Lex
·       Belen
·       Megan

Revision--Perfect Moment
1.      Please pick up your Perfect Moment packets, which are now at Second Draft status.
2.     I’ll explain what I expect on the peer conference and the revision.
4.     Peer conference, and revise to final draft.
The following people did not hand in second draft packets.  Here’s what I need now, if you want to join the class in peer conferencing:
·       Second Draft
·       Visualizing Sheet (filled out by your peer conferencer)
·       First Draft
a.     Lucas
b.     Jase
c.     Ryan
d.     Melodee
e.     Haley
f.      Belen
g.     Anne
h.       Marlene
i.       Megan

·       Revise ONE of your pieces that we haven’t already revised from its current draft to a final draft for your portfolio.
·       Make at least ten revisions (not simply editing).
·       Print a final copy, and staple it to the top of your rough draft.
·       When you come to class tomorrow, I will have you fill out a rubric where you will talk about the most important changes you made, and how they’ve made the piece stronger.

Organization:  you’re getting back the following today:
1.      Frankenstein Annotations—pick up your grade sheet and your book, please.
2.     Rough draft of the Graduation Essay—spectacular job on the peer conferences!
3.     “Geography Matters” and “So Does Season” annotations
4.     Frankenstein Quiz through chapter 22

Critical Approaches—Lenses Through Which to View Texts
·      …not a substitute for your own ginormous brain.
·      …not appropriate for every reading situation.
·      Handout
o   Brief Overview of Each Lens/Approach
o   Pair Work Assignment
After Lunch
1.      Find five textual examples from each novel, and write them down, that show how your LENS/APPROACH affects how you view and react to the text.
2.     Each partner should take half the questions asked, and write down the answers you’ll give us in class tomorrow.

·      Synthesis and Reflection--AP MOTIFS:  Continue working to fill in the second column on all items in your orange packet from yesterday.

·      Vocab Sushi—Again!

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