Thursday, January 5, 2012

End of the Term Plan, 1/5-1/13/12

Creative Writing--End of Term
Thursday, 1/5/2012
When You Come In—Circle Table
1.      Sign in.
2.     Get the following:
a.     Pink sheet
b.     Green sheet
c.     Children’s model packet
Homework Due
·       Revision of one piece for portfolio
·       Please lay out your rough draft and your revised draft, side by side on your desk.  I’ll come around and check them when the tardy bell rings.

·       DON’T GO TO THE PRINTER ONE AT A TIME!  J  We need to coordinate.
·       I need a sub teacher who will definitely be here Friday and Monday, and who can be organized (and commanding, if possible).  (First Block = Zuleyma and Bridget)  (Second Block = Christina and Anne)

Registration Advice
·       AP English and Advanced Comp

Stewart Writing Buddies Preparation
1.      Pink handout
2.     Old packets
3.     Select partners
4.     Let’s write a name poem together!  J

1.      Review your Revision and Portfolio Thinking sheet.  Do you have your ten (or more) pieces selected?  Are you in motion on the construction of your project?
2.     Work your way down the red-half sheet I gave you yesterday—finish it in class today.

·       Revise one MORE of your pieces that we haven’t already revised from its current draft to a final draft for your portfolio.
·       Make at least ten revisions (not simply editing).
·       Print a final copy, and staple it to the top of your rough draft.
·       When you come to class tomorrow, I will have you fill out a rubric where you will talk about the most important changes you made, and how they’ve made the piece stronger.
*   *   *   *

Friday, 1/6/2012
·       Ride to Stewart to meet and work with our Writing Buddies!
·       Ms. Weidman will have your packets.  Get them from her once you get on the bus.
·       You have enough lesson plan to last you today and Tuesday.  Don’t rush—just go at a good pace for your kiddos.
·       SECOND BLOCK:  Remember, you are going to the bus as soon as first block ends (9:36).  You’ll miss snack break. 
·       Homework:  PORTFOLIO!
*   *   *   *

Monday, 1/9/2012
·       All block is dedicated to portfolio work session.
·       Homework:  PORTFOLIO!

Tuesday, 1/10/2012
·       Ride to Stewart to meet and work with our Writing Buddies!
·       SECOND BLOCK:  Remember, you are going to the bus as soon as first block ends (9:36).  You’ll miss snack break. 
·       Homework:  PORTFOLIO!

Wednesday, 1/11/2012
·       Early Dismissal!
·       Earthbook Submissions—save four to the correct folder in google docs!  Save them as copies, so I don’t eradicate them when I work with them next term.
·       Organizational activities
·       Homework
o   Portfolio
o   Reflection (one page, typed)
o   Self-Evaluation (I am a lawyer, arguing for my grade.)

Thursday, 1/12/2012
Portfolios Due
1.      Portfolio
2.     Reflection (one page, typed)
3.     Self-Evaluation (I am a lawyer, arguing for my grade.)
·       Block 1 Final--8:10-9:45
·       Block 2 Final--12:45-2:20

End of Term

Thursday, 1/5/2012
1.      Homework Due
a.     Vocab Sushi
2.     Critical Approaches—Lenses Through Which to View Texts
a.     Presentations
b.    Note-Taking
3.     AP Motifs (orange packet)
4.     Homework:  Vocab Sushi!

Friday, 1/6/2012
We have iBooks.
1.      11:20-11:50—Recruitment
a.     Make a list of forty-two juniors who you think would benefit from AP English next year.
b.    Pick TWO to talk to and recruit (by Tuesday).
c.     Create a short, five-point spiel that everyone can give—what are the five most important skills/lessons you learned from AP English?  How are you a stronger reader, writer, or thinker?
2.     11:50-End of class--Work on local scholarship essays, which are due next Friday OR work on Graduation essay OR do Vocab Sushi!
3.     Homework—Almost Final Draft of Graduation Essay (two-pages, typed, printed BEFORE you get to class) and Vocab Sushi

Monday, 1/9/2012
·       Almost-Final Draft of Grad Essay due!
1.      Peer Conferencing
a.     Remember what a strong peer conference looks like (packet handout from John Schmitt and Allison Schantz)
b.     Remember the superior work you did on your first peer conference; emulate that thoughtfulness and performance today.
c.     Peer Conference over the Graduation Essay Almost Final Rough Draft with your assigned partner
d.     When you finish, staple the completed rubric to the BACK of your partner’s draft, and return it to him/her.
e.     After you have a chance to read your comments, put this in the drawer so I can give you a homework grade for the rough draft, and a daily grade for the peer conference.
2.     Quiet Workshop Time
a.     Revise, and create a final draft of the Graduation Essay (due Friday)
b.     Vocab Sushi
c.     Update your Vocab War sheets—last chance!  J

Tuesday, 1/10/2012
·       Recruitment report
·       Vocab Sushi final reflection
·       Vocab War final points
·       Prep for final
o   Review expectations.
o   Read and annotate.

Wednesday, 1/11/2012
·       Socratic Fishbowl Final.

Thursday, 1/12/201
·       We meet from 9:55-10:25.
·       Reflection activity

Friday, 1/13/2012—LAST DAY!
·       We will read the Graduation Essays aloud!

·      I’m keeping your Impossible Thank-You Poem to submit them to Earthbook (unless you object profusely). 

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