Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday, 1/3/2012


·       You do NOT need iBooks today! 
·       Read e-mails from Mrs. Long and Mrs. Green.
·       Have your manila folder at your desk.
o   Select three things you’d like to read aloud later today in your small sharing group. 
§  At least one non-poem
§  “new” to everyone
§  not an Ogden Nash poem
·       Quick-share:  thirty seconds about your portfolio
o   What did you accomplish for your portfolio?
o   What is your portfolio title?
o   What is your table of contents title?
o   What will you do this week towards completing your portfolio?
§  DUE:  next Thursday

Discuss Finals Schedule.  Me:  e-mail Mr. B.

Small Sharing Group #1
1.      Review your white Prep Sheet from last time.
2.     Fill out a Prep Sheet for today’s small sharing group.
3.     I will randomly assign you to groups of five.
a.     1st block
                                      i.     Monkey Room
                                     ii.     Room 208 (Lounge outside Soboroff’s room)
                                    iii.     Ms. Flattery (212)
                                    iv.     Mr. Wieland (next door)
b.     2nd block
                                      i.     Mrs. Moothart’s Room
                                     ii.     Monkey Room
                                    iii.     Room 208
                                    iv.     Mr. Caulk’s Room

When You Return
·       Put your Small Group Prep Sheet in the drawer for a daily grade!  J

·       Continue construction on your portfolio, leaving room for final copies you’ll have by next Tuesday.


Reflection and Reminder
What I want to see/What you want to SHOW
1.      Intense intellectual effort
2.     Keen focus on the task at hand
3.     Risk-taking
4.     Great attitude

Peer Conferencing
1.      What a strong peer conference looks like (packet handout from John Schmitt and Allison Schantz)
2.     Should this be the best, most thoughtful, strongest peer conference of your AP life?  Uh, obviously!  J
3.     Peer Conference over the Graduation Essay Typed Rough Draft (minimum 1 ½ pages).
4.     When you finish, staple the completed rubric to the BACK of your partner’s draft, and return it to him/her.
5.     After you have a chance to read your comments, put this in the drawer so I can give you a homework grade for the rough draft, and a daily grade for the peer conference.
6.     Finish by 12:39, please.

Reflection and Synthesis
AP English Motifs (12:39-12:55)
1.      Pick up an orange packet off the back table.
2.     Start filling in the column entitled “What We’ve Learned This Semester”.  These should be specific things you know.  Cram that rectangle full of little details and info!  Fill it up!
3.     You don’t have to go in order.  Skipping around is fine!
4.          Example:  “Discussion”
a.          Look at the person who’s speaking.
b.         Acknowledge people’s comments.
c.          Use people’s names when speaking about them.
d.         Listen to other people carefully, rather than spacing out or thinking about what you’re going to say next.
5.          In fifteen minutes, in your trios, share every bit of info you have with each other.
6.         Take notes as needed to fill in your blanks.

·       Pass back a couple of papers.
·       NOTE:  We will continue thinking, talking and writing about the AP Motifs tomorrow, and so on.

Homework for Tomorrow (Wednesday)
·       Vocab Sushi assignment

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