Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday, 12/21/2011


Homework Due--Revised Simile Poem
Turn In:  staple as follows, then put in the drawer:
a.     Completed rubric
b.     Final draft
c.     Rough Draft
·       I extended the deadline for this until tomorrow, so if you have not completed the yellow Simile Poem Revision and your second draft, you have until classtime Thursday to do so.

·       I went through all the letters and copied them on red and green paper.
·       Several people ran them over to Stewart, along with treats.

Party Planning
·       We sent around a sign-up sheet for what we’re bringing tomorrow!
·       But we are also going to do some portfolio work (thinking and organizing)!

Writing Lessons
·       Normally at this point in the term, I would have done a lesson on imagery (page 52) and a lesson on alliteration (p. 53).  But after reviewing the personal examples of these you each entered on the google docs, it’s obvious to me that you guys are getting the hang of these concepts—so I nixed the lesson.

Peer Conferencing and Revision
·       Perfect Moment First Draft
o   Rubric
o   Visualizing Sheet
o   Peer Conference Directions

1.      Bring your party item! 
2.     Finish anything assigned Tuesday or today in class that you have not completed.


Party Update
·       Google docs
·       Secret Santa reminder

·       Translations (google docs)
·       Gavin was effectively Hemingway-esque!

Vocabulary Review
·       We played several rounds of Bingo for fabulous prizes

Writing Assignment—After Lunch, We have iBooks from my cart and five from Cart #2 in the library.
·       Free-Response Question from AP Exam

·       Secret Santa Present
·       Food for Party

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