Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please grab an iBook, and sign on to google docs.
3.     Shut your iBook lids now, and get out the WE#3 sheet we started yesterday about some of your earliest memories.

Writing Experiment #3--Earliest Memory
1.      Model:  I’m going to tell you my Earliest Memory.  As I share it with you, pay attention to what I’m saying, and how I’m saying it.
2.     Take a few moments to review your list.
3.     Can you add any moments you remember from when you were a young child?  OR, if you’ve already committed to the early memory you want to write about, list as many details as you can about it (1-2 minutes).
4.     You pair-share with a partner—chat about your ideas, ask each other questions, talk it out…. (2 minutes)
5.     Now, create a new google doc, and type a paragraph about your earliest memory (ten-ish minutes)                   
6.     When you finish your paragraph, ask yourself these questions, and type a list that answers them:  
a.     What colors can I add?
b.     What textures did I feel?
c.     What sounds did I hear?
d.     What’s my overall feeling about this memory?
e.     Did I learn something from it?
f.      Do I like remembering it?
7.     After you write your six answers, go back to your paragraph(s), and add any details you need to, based on your answers.
8.     Continue typing on the SAME DOCUMENT, right below your lettered questions.
9.     Turn Your Paragraph Into a Poem (Ten minutes)  
a.     Remember my paragraph?
b.     Now look at how I turned it into a poem.
c.     Now you do the same! 
10.   And Finally….
a.     Title this document, “Earliest Memory—Your Last Name”.
b.     Do you remember how to print?  (from the printer icon!)
c.     Do you remember how to print front/back? (preview drop down menu)
d.     Do you remember where to print? (room 212)

1.      Pass papers back.
2.     Put your name on your manila folder.
3.     Log in the pieces you’re getting back today.

Class Big Idea
1.      Get your homework worksheet back, and let’s quickly check it.
2.     It’s punched, so put it in your binder between the Earthbook and Fraud pages.
3.     Earthbook Editorial Policy
4.     Academic Fraud

Other Big Idea (page one)
·       Acceptable Material (Take notes on the inside front cover of your binder.)

·       None


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Please pick up another chapter of your textbook—it’s luminous lime!
3.     Please pick up a purple blank ballot for voting on THE WORST OF THE BAD POEMS!  J

Poetry Reminder
·       Poetry Elements (on google docs)
·       Check out the big list we made 1/18/12.  Do we have anything to add today?  J

Poetry Sharing
1.      “Incredibly Bad Poem”—let’s see whose is truly is the worst!

Writing Assignment #1--One Poem, Three Ways (page 16)
·       Create on google docs; save in Adv Cr. Wr. Collection in “One Poem, Three Ways” as your last name!
·       What are we going to talk about later?
o   Line length
o   Endline (word at the end of each line)
o   Enjambment (when the meaning of the line spills over from one line to the next)

Writing Assignment #2--Apparent Contradictions (page 48)
1.      Read the directions on that page, and complete Assignment #1.  Save it in your own google docs.
2.     For Assignment #2, you need to enter you FIVE (only five!) phrases in the spreadsheet I created on google docs called “2012 Oxymorons”.
3.     What are we going to talk about later?
o   Oxymorons
o   Figurative language versus literal language

Meanwhile, as You Are Having Your Writing Workskhop
·       Conferences with me

·       None

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