Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Creative Writing!

When You Come In
·       Please staple the Journal #1 handout to the top of your journal, then put it in the drawer.
·       Please sign in.
·       Grab an iBook.

Writing Lesson Review
·       Why are clichés evil (or just bad from your writing)?
·       Go on a cliché hunt, following the directions on the blog.
·       You will create a google doc where you can copy and past the clichés
·       Fifteen minutes to work!

Collaborative Writing Assignment
·       Group Cliché Story Models
·       Group Cliché Story Requirements (page 15)
·       _______—Started
·       Twenty minutes in--Progress check
·       Thirty-five minutes total work time—stop for today

Writing Assignment
Writing Experiment #3:  Earliest Memory
·       Kindergarten
·       Pre-School or 4-ish
·       Earlier?

·       None


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.

Poetry Reminder
·       Poetry Elements (on google docs)
·       Check out the big list we made 1/18/12.  Do we have anything to add today?  

Writing Experiment
“What I Did on a Rainy Day” (p. 7)
1.      Look at May Swenson’s model.  What poetic elements is she using in her poem?  How is she using them?
2.     Now you type a poem, “What I Did on a ________ __________”.
o   Do what Swenson does!  
§  Paint an image in reader’s head
§  Use alliteration.
§  Focus on nature.
o   Fifteen lines minimum
o   Spacing up to you
o   MLA format for heading
o   Twenty minutes (from 11:43-12:03 plus five minutes after lunch to finish)

After Lunch
·       5 more minutes to finish “What I Did on a _________ _________”

Robot Writing Assignment (12:39-12:44)
1.      Get a Class Poem Packet.
2.     Create a new google doc.
3.     Type in the lines YOU wrote for each Class Poem.
4.     Don’t do any revision whatsoever!  J  (That’s for tomorrow.)
5.     Name it, “Revised Class Poem—Your Name”

Poetry Sharing  (We will start today; if we run short on time, or if we burn out, we fill finish tomorrow.)
1.       “Ten Definitions of Poetry” modeled after Carl Sandburg

·       Papers back
·       Log in to folders
·       Get handout for first weekly conference.
·       Go over it, and be ready tomorrow.

·       None, if you are prepared for your Weekly Conference #1

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