Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday, December 8th, 2011

·      Wednesday, 12/7/2011
  • ·      Please hand in your two Ogden Nash poems (drawer).
  • ·      Get an iBook.
  • ·      Get a WWYLN Reading Groups off my desk (half-sheet).
  • Get your manila folder off the front desk.
  • Get a Musical Memory Rubric off the front desk.

1.      WWYLN?  Reading Groups and Peer Conferences
2.     Once you finish peer conferencing, read over the comments you got from your readers.  But don’t revise today.  We’ll have another day for that.  Move on to Writing Workshop!

3.     Share Autobio Poem to google docs folder called “Autobio Poems”—just for today and tomorrow, and then we will “unshared” them.  Save it as your LAST NAME—AUTOBIO POEM!
4.     Musical Memory Mini-Rubric—all you’re doing is telling me what you did when you conferenced and revised this piece Friday and Monday.  You need a copy of the rubric, which is on the front desk.  You also need your manila folder, also on the front desk.  All you turn in is the rubric (to the drawer).
5.     Type Ogden Nash poems, and drop them in the google docs folder called “Ogden Nash”.  Save it as YOUR LAST NAME—OGDEN NASH POEM.

·      Autobiographical Poems (with listening sheet)
·      (Only if time allows)

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