Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday, 12/8/2011

When You Come In
·       Sign in.
·       Get a listening sheet off my desk.  Thanks!

·       Autobiographical Poems w/listening sheet
·       We shared about half the class’s poems today.

Two Focus Points for Rest of Week (quick reminder)
1.      Kids!  
2.     Persona--a fictional mask the writer takes on when speaking

Santa’s Helper Letter Preparation (30-ish minutes)
1.      Santa’s Helper Free-Write (WE#11)
WE#11--Santa’s Helper Prep Free Write
Make a list answering the following questions:
1.      When you were a kid and believed in Santa, what did you wonder about?
2.     When you were a kid, what were your favorite things about winter?  What did you like to do?
3.     When you were a kid, what were your favorite things to do with your family over the holidays?
4.     What are THREE traditions your family has established with you that you would like to continue with your own potential offspring someday?
(Five Minutes)

1.      In groups of THREE or FOUR, let each person discuss ONE of his/her answers.
2.     Then have each person say WHAT JOB he/she’s going to have at the North Pole, and WHAT NAME he/she is going to have.
3.     Drop WE#11 in the drawer (Is your name on it?) when I call you back from your small groups.

(5-ish Minutes)

2.     Make a list of jobs needed at Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole
a.     I have ideas to combine with the ones you come up with.
b.     Get into groups to share out your ideas.
3.     Complete your Santa’s Helper Prep Sheet.
a.     list of names to look at as examples.

Homework Writing Assignments for Tonight (due Friday)

1.      Complete all but the last two blanks on your green sheet, including your job and name.
2.     Spend ten minutes making a Christmas list for yourself.  Money and limitations do not exist—open your mind, and think about what you’d really want.
3.     Spend another ten minutes making a Christmas list for the five most important people in your life.  Again, no limitations exist.

Howdy, AP English!
Day 8 of Frankenstein

1.      Do not sign in.  Teara, please take attendance.
2.     E-mail me with grade questions.  I’ll reply within 24 hours.
3.     If you shared your sentences, pick up your comments off the circle table.

Quiz #1 Answers—Please read aloud with the mic!
·      #3—Dana
·      #4—Bryton and José
·      #5—Abby and Shelby W.
·      #6—Alex M.
·      #7—Alex T. and Marcee

Thursday (Music all block, unless it we’re involved in whole-class activity: Chopin's Etude #3 in E Major, Opus 10; Tschaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.)
·      Quiz  (Read the novel when you finish.)
·      Lots of Pair-Share
o   Questions
§  Why did Justine confess if she wasn’t guilty?
§  Why does Shelley capitalize “Nature”?
§  Does anyone know Victor created the monster?
§  Why does Victor have so many different feelings about his creation?  Paternal?  Horror?  Fear? 
§  And why did he create it, and then just leave it?
§  Why did Victor even want to create new life?
§  How did the creature recognize Victor as his creator?  Especially if he was disoriented when he was first created?
o   Connections
§  Cat-and-mouse
o   Motifs
§  Religion (Heaven; Roman Catholics)
§  Judgment
o   Words we wrote at beginning of chapter 11
·      Vocabulary
o   Define and locate words #11-25

For Friday:  Twenty-five points (minimum) recorded on your Vocab War sheet since Monday (12/5)

For Monday:  Read and annotate to AT LEAST page 128 in Frankenstein.  We will have a reading quiz.

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