Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, 12/9/2011

Friday, 12/9/2011
When You Come In
·      Sign in.
·      Make sure your name is on your Christmas list homework, and put it in the drawer, please.
·      Keep your Santa’s Helper stuff for now!
·      Get your folder off the circle table for a paper pass-back and folder log-in, please.

·      Autobiographical Poems w/listening sheet

Two Focus Points for Rest of Week (quick reminder)
1.      Kids!  J
2.     Persona--a fictional mask the writer takes on when speaking

Santa’s Helper Letter Preparation (Fifteen minutes, MAX!  We will talk more about this NEXT WEEK and THE WEEK OF BREAK, SO DON’T WORRY!  J
·      Staple your green Santa’s Helper sheet on top of your WE#11.  You’re going to turn that in in a bit.
·      Finalize your JOB and your NAME.  (I need to e-mail this to the first-grade teachers today.)

Writing Workshop (40 minutes)
1.      Dear Kiddo Poem
o   Re-read your rough draft (handwritten)
o   Type and revise on google docs
o   Print me a final copy, staple the rough draft on the back, and put it in the drawer.  (No one else will read it but me.)

2.     WWYLN? (Handout/Rubric)
o   Create a final draft, keeping in mind THE RUBRIC!  J
o   Complete the rubric thoughtfully.
o   Put the rubric in the drawer
o   Don’t print a final—you’re already shared this with me on google docs!

1.      Put iBooks away.
2.     Bring your green Santa sheet and your manila to me at the front of the room.
3.     Pick up a homework handout.

·      Beloved Toy Poem (handout)

Howdy, AP English!
Friday, 12/9/2011
Day 9 of Frankenstein
1.      Do not sign in.  Teara, please take attendance.
2.     E-mail me with grade questions.  I’ll reply within 24 hours.

Vocab War Hand-In (Circle Table)
1.      25 points (minimum)
2.     Dated between 12/5 and 12/9
3.     Give me ONLY the Vocab War sheets that have this evidence on them. 
4.     Put your name in big letters across the top of each of your pages, please.
5.     Put your point total next to your name—not that I’m equating your personal worth with your numerical score, but….
6.    Get new blank vocab sheets, if you need them for the weekend, because you will not be getting these “used ones” back today.

Music Note
We’ll listen whenever we are not involved in a whole-class listening activity.

·      Frankenstein and Romanticism
o Pair-Share:  Experiences and Thoughts Chart (p. 21 of Day 7 buff packet)   
o  Pair-Share:  Read Romanticism in Art handout, and discuss; we’ll only talk about questions or connections with the whole class. 
o  Whole Class:  Read pages 105-108 in class.
o   Whole Class:  Viewing and Notes:  Art slideshow (Need fifteen minutes)

·      Vocabulary
o   Twenty-five points of Vocab War due
o   Vocab Review (Catchphrases)
o   Vocab Review (Slap It)

·      Homework for Monday—read and annotate pages 108-128
·      Vocab quiz over words 1-12 Monday
·      Vocab quiz over words 13-25 Tuesday

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