Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, 12/12/2011


When You Come In
·       Sign in.
·       Make sure your name is on your homework (Beloved Toy Poem) and put it in the drawer, please.
·       Get a blue Unit Three packet off my desk.

·       Don’t be absent Friday!  :-)

·       Class days until they are due (on January 12th—our last day together, I think?!) = 17
·       Pages in your book = orange
·       Write for five minutes on a blank sheet of notebook paper about the following:
1.           Explain to me in as much detail as you can what your project will look like!
2.          What supplies have you gathered, huh?  Tell me!
3.          What are titles you’ve considered for the collection?
4.         What are three pieces you KNOW you want to put in there?
5.          What is your biggest obstacle or question about the project at this time?
6.         NOW:  Write in big letters across the top of your paper—MY PORTFOLIO IS DUE THURSDAY, JANUARY 12th!
7.          Go put it in the drawer—you’ve been sitting for twenty minutes—I’m sure you’re exhausted!  J

·       Unit Three, Showing, Not Just Telling
·       What are the big ideas for the unit?

Writing Lesson--Showing, Not Just Telling
·       Four sentences from least vivid to most vivid (p. 50).
·       Take notes regarding DICTION over the Cisneros sentence (p. 50).
·       Take-Away:  One word can make a difference, and one word can create imagery, and Aaron K. is a punk, quite frankly.  L

Writing Assignment
·       Early Memory (pages 47-8)—I’ll about how to do this assignment, and then I’ll read Alyssa’s model.
·       Type your first draft (thirty minutes).
·       After you print your first draft, and we get them back all at once, do the following:
a.     Circle your verbs.
b.     Underline any words that might not be childlike.

1.      Print front and back to room 212.
2.     Do NOT log off google docs until Anne brings you back your copy!
3.     Once you get your copy back from Anne, shut down iBooks, and put them away neatly.
4.     Keep your printed copy safely in your personal binder/folder until tomorrow.  We’re going to write some stuff on it tomorrow.


Howdy, AP English!

Day 10 of Frankenstein
1.      Do not sign in.  Teara, please take attendance.
2.     E-mail me with grade questions.  I’ll reply within 24 hours.

·      Quiz over words #1-12.
·      Please read your book when you finish your quiz and turn it in.

Literary Notes
1.      Gothic Literature
a.     It’s a genre INSIDE Romanticism.
b.    Yellow handout
c.     Let’s go over #1-6 together.
2.     Pair-share items #1-15 about the aspect of Gothic Novels. 
a.     Do you see any of these items in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?
b.    Where?  When?  How Much?
3.     Gothic Literature Gave Rise To

After Lunch
·      Whole-Class Discussion:  Pair-share results?
·      Gothic Architecture Slideshow

Independent Reading Time
·      Fifteen minutes

·      Read through page 147.
·      Vocab Words #13-25 (quiz tomorrow)

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