Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday, 12/13/2011


When You Come In
·       Sign in.
·       Wrack your brain—what’s the phrase for this unit, the phrase for the week?

·       Don’t be absent Friday!  J

Writing Lesson#1--Diction
·       E. B. White's sentence (p. 51)—take notes and discuss.  Let’s hear from everybody!

Writing Assignment--Sense Poem (rough draft) 
1.      Let’s look at the format and examples.  (p. 60)
2.     Use your Vocabulary Variety pages, since this poem needs strong diction!
3.     Write your first draft on page 60.
4.     Grab an iBook.
5.     Type your poem, making sure to TAKE OUT the “I see”, etc.
6.     Give it a STRONG TITLE.
7.     Picture—drag it over to the bottom of your poem.
o   Find a picture that shows the place your poem is about.
o   (If you need to bring one from home, so we can scan it, that’s fine.  You can bring it tomorrow.) 
o   You can use a picture you find online, if it shows what you’re picturing in your head.
8.     Save it in your personal google docs (Don’t share.)
9.     Print a copy.
10.   Put it in the drawer!
o   Starting at 10:22
o   Ending at 10:42

Writing Assignment—Early Memory Rough Draft Peer Conference
·       Come get a handout from me for how to do this conference.
·       Read the directions carefully.  Your grade today comes from how well you follow the directions.
·       Trade with a partner.
o   Even trades only, if possible
o   Make sure everyone HAS a partner!

January 13th = End of Term
Howdy, AP English!

Day 11 of Frankenstein
1.      Do not sign in.  Teara, please take attendance.
2.     Get the three white sheets off my desk, please.
3.     E-mail me with grade questions.  I’ll reply within 24 hours.

Vocabulary (@11:25)
·       Quiz over words #13-25.
·       Socratic Fishbowl Preparation
o   Read over “Socratic Seminar with a Fishbowl Twist”—I’m holding you responsible for meeting those standards.
o   Read over the questions from the novel.
o   Read over the jobs for inner and outer circle.
·       You do not need to circle the vocab words for annotations—but you should be circling them for Vocab War points, right?

Socratic Fishbowl!

·       Read and annotate pages 149-163.
·       Do the study guide mentally.  We will have a reading quiz tomorrow through pages 163.
·       Vocab War—twenty-points minimum this week! (By Friday)

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