Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5th, 2011


When You Come In
Get these three things off the circle table:
·       Three papers
·       manila folder
·       Creative Writing Mid-Term Self-Evaluation

·       Do a folder log-in!
·       Reflection and Organization--Mid-term Self-Evaluation
1.      Staple your  Mid-Term in this order:
a.     Mid-term self-evaluation, completed (on top)
b.     Gradesheet (in middle)
c.     The piece you will allow your parent to read tonight at conferences
2.      Lay it on my desk, and initial next to your name in the highlighted column

·       MISCELLANEOUS:  Print your FINAL COPY of Around the Block, if you don’t have a paper copy of it in your folder.  Log it in.

·       Today is a Work Day.
·       Manage your time to complete all assignments in class—none of this should be homework tonight!

Finish Where Were You Last Night? (Twenty minutes)
1.      Pull up your Where Were You Last Night first draft.
2.     Read it over one time completely.
3.     Consider what you still want to add—then add it!
4.     Consider what you want to cut—then cut it!
5.     Give it a title, even if it’s only a working title (not “Where Were You Last Night?”)  J
6.     Check your paragraphs—are they effective and awesome!
7.     Check each word—does each word say what you want it to say?  Consult your Vocabulary Variety list for help!
8.     Don’t print!  We’re look at them tomorrow in small groups on google docs.

Paragraphing Practice (Ten to Fifteen Minutes)
·       Take ONE piece—prose, NOT POEMS--you’ve written as a chunk (a page or more), and paragraph it correctly!
·       Send me an e-mail with the following information:
1.            Piece you edited (title and assignment)
2.           How many paragraphs there were when you started?
3.           How many paragraphs are there now?
4.          Why you put in each new paragraphs (reasons, in order)
5.           Why you didn’t put in paragraphs the first time you wrote it

Musical Memory Journal Revision (Twenty Minutes)
Your peer conferencers made some good comments and asked some good questions Friday.
1.      Re-read your Musical Memory.
2.      Read over your conferencer’s comments.
3.      What do you want to add?
4.     What do you want to switch around?
5.      What do you want to cut out?
6.     Revise this piece to a SECOND draft, making at least TEN revision changes.
7.      Correct an EDITING errors as well (separate from revision).
8.     Do not print.  Just make sure it’s in your google docs.

·       None

AP English!

Happy Monday!
Happy Mid-Term!


1.      Please put your vocabulary cards on my desk. 
a.     Make sure your name is on the top on,
b.     Write how many out of 25 you have complete.
2.     Pick up a 128-Word Sentence Comments (Second Round) handout off the circle table, please!
3.     If you shared your 128 Word Sentence Friday (Wesley, Jia, Shelby W, Cammy, Emily), pick up your comments off the circle table.
4.     Do not sign in.  Shelby H, please take attendance.
5.     E-mail me with grade questions.  I’ll reply within 24 hours.

General Reminders
1.      What I want to see/What you want to SHOW
a.     Intense intellectual effort
b.     Keen focus on the task at hand
c.     Risk-taking
d.     Great attitude
2.     Discussion Reminders
a.     Record-keeper—Shelby H. for the first three days
b.     Do not repeat something that’s already been said.
c.     Support your answer with detail, if needed.
d.     Listen attentively to each person who shares.

Literary Reminder:  Professor Foster: 
·       “It’s never just rain.” 
·       “…check the weather.”

1.      Reading Quiz, pages 9-45
2.     Staple it, make sure your name is on it, then throw it in the drawer, please.
3.     When you finish the quiz, start reading Chapter 5 (p. 47): 
o   “It was on  a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils”.
o   What’s happening with the weather?!  Is it more than just rain?  J
o   Glossary for this section starts on page 190!  Don’t forget to use it!
o   Vocabulary definitions for this section start on page 198!
o   Pages 47-50—circle or box as many synonyms as you can for the creature:  for example “the monster”.

After Lunch
1.      Vocabulary Cards!
a.     Spread them out on your desk, WORD SIDE UP.  (Yes, I know it will be cramped.)
b.     I say the word, and you repeat.  Hold up the card and look at it while you repeat after me!
c.     Flip it over—make sure your definition is clear!
d.     Record the PAGE NUMBER for where you find it!
e.     We went over words 1-11; we’ll go over the rest tomorrow.
2.     Note it, every time you run across in for the rest of the novel.
3.     Jot it on your Vocab War sheet, right?!  Right?!  J
4.     Vocabulary War Meeting!  Strategies for last few weeks?  Point totals?

·       Read and annotate pages 47-65.
·       Complete the Study Guide for pages 47-65 in your head (to check understanding and to be ready for the reading quiz).

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