Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, December 2nd, 2011


When You Come In
·       Sign in, please!
·       Pick up a Musical Memory Reading sheet off my desk.

Musical Memory Journal
1.      Have your Musical Memory laid out on your desk.
2.     Open your book to page 44, and we’ll go over what kind of comments you can make on your partner’s paper.
3.     I’ll pass out a peer conference sheet to you.
4.     I’m going to go over how to be partners on this, and then you’re going to trade and peer conference.

When You’re Finished Peer Conferencing on the Musical Memory
1.      Make sure you have your piece back in your hand, as well as your partner’s Musical Memory Reading sheet.
2.     Read over your partner’s comments.
3.     Staple your partner’s comment sheet behind your Musical Memory, and then turn it in to the drawer, please.  Thanks!  J

Reflection and Organization
1.      Read my comments on your Childhood Fears poem.  NOTE:  I did NOT get to everyone’s, so if you don’t see my comments on your poem when you click on “File” then  “See Revision History”,  you can simply print your poem, and go get it off the printer, and then you’re done.
2.     E-mail a reply with at least three sentences to show me you A) read what I wrote, and B) understand what I mean, and C) think you will use my comments in the future.
3.     Delete my comments, and print this draft. KEEP IT AT YOUR DESK!

Organization—Log in all the following NOW!  J
1.      Partner Dialogue Story
2.     Childhood Fear Poem (Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies)
3.     Fifty-Word Story
4.     Writing Experiment #8:  Best and Work of Week (two-parter)
5.     Writing Experiment #9:  Comeback/This I Believe
6.     Old Stuff
a.     Free Write #1
b.     Around the Block Poem (Remind me we need to print these MONDAY!)
c.     Journal #1
d.     Early Memory Poem
e.     Early Memory Paragraph
f.      Cliché Trio Story
g.     Journal #2
h.     I Am a Russian Tailor
i.       Six-Word Story
j.       Wr. Ex. #5—War Quote
k.     Prompt Word Poem
l.       WE#4—Grateful/Spilled Popcorn/Leaver-Leavee
m.    WE#7—Holiday Cheer/Event You Were Looking Forward To

Small Sharing Group Prep
·       Select THREE pieces to read aloud in small groups, then fill out the handout.
·       I’ll tell you who’s in your group!

Small Sharing Groups = thirty minutes today

Last Five Minutes of Class
1.      Make sure all writing is back in your manila folder.
2.     Put your manila folder on the circle table, please.
3.     Turn your white Small Sharing Group Preparation Sheet into the drawer.

Homework for the Weekend
·       THINK about your PORTFOLIO!  

AP English!

1.      Pick up a 128-Word Sentence Comments handout off the circle table, please!
2.     Pick up your graded annotations for the Professor Foster rain chapter we read yesterday.
3.     Do not sign in.  Shelby H, please take attendance.
4.     E-mail me with grade questions.  I’ll reply within 24 hours.

General Reminders
1.      What I want to see/What you want to SHOW
a.     Intense intellectual effort
b.     Keen focus on the task at hand
c.     Risk-taking
d.     Great attitude
2.     Discussion Reminders
a.     Record-keeper—Shelby H. for the first three days
b.     Do not repeat something that’s already been said.
c.     Support your answer with detail, if needed.
d.     Listen attentively to each person who shares.

128-Word Sentences
Five people shared one of their sentences, and we listened and commented.

Professor Foster—Literary Lesson
“It’s More Than Just Rain or Snow”
·       Finish discussing this chapter, pages 78-

Frankenstein Reading
1.      Frame Story
2.     Receive pages 25-45, since our books are still not here.
3.     Receive the Study Guide.
4.     You do NOT have to write out answers for the Study Guide; however, you should read and answer the questions in your head.  That will help you check for your understanding.  And the reading quiz we have Monday will take questions directly from the study guide.
·       Decide what to do about vocab cards (one minute)
5.     I’ll read aloud to get you started on today’s reading, beginning with page 25.
6.     Before You Read:  Frankenstein Chapters 1-10 (Buff Packet)
a.     Setting a Purpose
b.     Background
c.     Did You Know
d.     Vocabulary Preview

·       Read and annotate pages 25-45.
·       Complete the Study Guide for pages 9-45 in your head (to check understanding and to be ready for the reading quiz).
·       Complete all vocab cards as listed on your green handout.

MONDAY, 12/5/2011
1.            Reading Quiz over pages 25-45
2.           …lots of Vocabulary Work with the Frankenstein Vocabulary
3.          Five more 128-Word Sentences
4.          Pair-share over pages 25-45, followed by class discussion
5.          Vocab War Team Meeting

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