Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011


When you Come In
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Reading and Assignment:  The Six-Word Memoir

Rumor has it that when writer Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a short, short story, he penned this: 
Pair of baby shoes:  never worn.”
That’s only six words, but it tells a story.

I want you to explore the six-word memoirs and stories here:  BE PATIENT--THE LINK TAKES A MINUTE TO LOAD!

Fifteen Minutes (Reading)
·      Read people’s memoirs.  You can browse, or you can click on a certain subject area, if you’re interested in memoirs on one topic.

Share Out
Everyone told me a favorite or striking one, which I typed on the Big Screen, and each person read his/her fave aloud.  Here are some examples:

“Wife just got home—night ruined.”

“Fell in love—never got up.”

“Attitude is everything—getting me some.”

“Taught me to love myself/chocolate.”

“Mom of teen—hair’s getting gray.”

Fifteen Minutes (Writing)
·      Create/type THREE six-word memoirs--that way, you can do a funny one, a serious one, and whatever else you come up with.
·      Use the MLA heading on your six-word memoirs, type all three on one page, make sure they’re saved in YOUR google docs,  print them, then put them in the drawer.
·      I’d like to share these aloud to start off class tomorrow, but you can decide which ONE you want to share out of the THREE that you write.

Writing Experiment #3--I Am a Russian Tailor (Last Twenty Minutes)
Here's the assignment.

Write a poem about yourself that is filled with lies.  Try to make up creative, dramatic lies, rather than saying things such as “I have two cats” or “I love chocolate pudding.”

Your Writing Task:  Write a poem that is a series of creative, dramatic lies!

Don’t worry about what order you put stuff in—just type/write the lies as fast as you can!

·      My brain is in my foot.  I can’t think when I step on it.
·      I died last night.
·      Computer Apps is the best part of my day.
·      I have over-acted worse than Tom Cruise.
·      I created air—every time you breathe, you owe me ten cents.

NO BODILY FUNCTIONS!  Please, and thank you!

·      Order
·      Adding details
·      Deleting stuff

Here's one of the models I read in class:

Money Grows on Trees

I eat no meat whatsoever.
I eat salad for a living it’s all I can find.
When I sneeze pigeons come out my nose.
I love it when bull sharks snack on my leg meat.
Washington schools are nice and brand spanking new. I love them.
This is Sparta.
Tonight I will dine in hell.
I shot the sheriff.
I am so happy that pigs can fly.
I taught them last week.
My house is made of ginger bread and candy cane.
I run a Columbian drug cartel.
I lay eggs in my kitchen sink.
I invented the wheel and sliced bread.
London Bridge fell down last week.
I have two left feet and one is a sausage.
My blood is cherry flavored.
I have a son named Damien.
Two plus two equals chicken.

Alex Meyer

 Homework:  Finish anything you didn't finish in class.


Now:  Please sign in, and get a Wordle Viewing Sheet (orange)

Greek Mythology Wrap-Up and Exam Review
·       Wordle Presentations
·       Wordle Viewing Sheet

Flashcard Finishing Touches
1.      Cammy
2.     Mitch
3.     Emily
4.     Regan
5.     Nate
6.     Shelby H.
7.     Jared
8.     Marcee

Review for the final exam, Friday.

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