Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 (Testing Schedule)


1.  Thank you for sharing your cliché trio stories yesterday!  Those were fun to listen to!
2.  Don’t put anything in the Creative Writing Term Two folder/collection on google docs, unless you want everyone in both classes to be able to view and edit it.
3.  Never use a lower case “i” for “I”—ever. 
4.  Unit Overview—page 3
a.     What have we talked about so far?
b.     What writings have we done?
c.     What do we still have to think about, talk about, and write?

Writing Lesson:  Choosing Precise Adjectives (p. 12)
a.          Trade for two smileys.
b.         Initial your two smileys.
c.          Trade THREE TIMES.
d.         I want to hear your STRONGEST answer when your number comes up.

1st Block (8:10-9:20)
·       Earthbook Reading (twenty minutes)
·       Folder decorating
·       9:15-9:20
·       Folder log-in        

2nd Block (12:55-2:05):  Revision—Around the Block
1.      Get your original back.
2.     You’ll notice I’ve made three comments.  What do you notice about these comments? 
3.     Now I’m going to show you FOUR WAYS I want you to revise this poem.  You’re going to work on this poem in FOUR WAYS to make it a stronger piece of writing than it is right now. 
4.     You have to show your work on your original draft by marking it up.
5.     FIRST:  Open your first draft on your google docs.
6.     NEXT: Revise your first draft, making at least ten changes.
a.     Four ways
b.     Vocabulary Variety sheet
c.     Anything you want to add, subtract, or substitute
d.     Title
7.     Check out what happens in “Revision History”!  J

Homework for Tonight
·       Around the Block:  Get on google docs, and make at least (minimum) ten revisions that make your second draft stronger then your first.
·       If you’ve done this in class, you do not have homework.


When You Come In
·       Please sign in.
·       Please get your Myth Note Review Worksheet off the table next to the sign-in sheet.
·       Please put your ten flashcard piles on your desk, as well as your highlighted/checked yellow sheet.

Myth Connections Pair-Share—Teaching Each Other and Reviewing
·       Pair-share with your partner about your ten piles.
·       Now listen carefully as your partner shares with you.
·       Why?  Connections is the name of the game—if you can’t connect, you don’t really know the material.  We’re synthesizing, people!
·       Reminder:  academic language, and serious discussions

Homework Explanation:  Greek Myth Wordle (google docs)

Review for Myth Final (Thursday)
·       Review sheet (handout)

Greek City State Work (until 12:40)
1.      What was a city-state in Ancient Greece? (Overhead)
2.     In your city-states (trios), read and complete the following pages:
a.     18
b.     19
c.     22-3

·       Wordle
·       Review for Final—use those cards we spent fifteen years making!

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