Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday, 11/16/2011--Early Dismissal


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please pick up a Death of Language Assessment worksheet (next to the sign-in sheet).
3.     Death of Language
·      Fill out the assessment form, staple it to the top of your word list, then throw it in the drawer, please!
FINALLY:  Get in iBook.

What’s the Word for the Week? J
1.      Review yesterday’s discussion:  connotation versus denotation. (diction)
2.     Death of Language (diction)
3.     Save the Words (online article and website—link is on my blog)
4.     Google spreadsheet for saved words (model)

1.      Share Six-Word Memoirs/Stories.  (Hmmmmm—so diction was important in these stories, too, wasn’t it?)

1.      Paper pass-back and folder log-in
2.     Russian Tailor Revision (handout with directions)
3.     Save the Words
a.     Click on the link for “Save the Words” on my blog.
b.    Spend fifteen minutes exploring and reading.
c.     After you browse for fifteen minutes, find THREE WORDS  you want to save.
d.    Save your three words on google docs in the document called “Save the Words”. 
4.     Browse the six-word memoirs:

2.     Go through Death of Language lists for Prompt Word Poem words.

Finish anything you did not finish in class today.

Welcome to AP English

NOTE:  Marcee and Shelby W, since you guys were absent today, please share your Myth Essays (Second Draft) with either other, and complete the peer conference.
I’ve posted the necessary documents on google docs.

When You Come In
·       Get the three handouts off my desk.
o   Oedipus Rex Study Guide
o   Mango/TSIS Annotation Assessment
o   Myth Essay Final Draft Worksheet
·       Get an iBook.
·       Thanks!

Homework Due for Today
·       Second draft of myth essay, with at ten revisions and ten edits.

Reminder: Time Management

Peer Conference Over SECOND Myth Essay Draft
·       Partner assignments
·       Expectations (handout)

When You Finish Peer Conferencing
1.      Fill out the Mango and TSIS Annotation Assessment worksheet (circle table).
2.     Lay it on top of your two texts, then put them on the circle table for me, please.
3.     Find your Myth Wordle Viewing Sheet (orange-ish), and put your name on it, and put it in the drawer.
4.     Oedipus reading assignment and study guide

Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles
1.      Trios—five minute meeting to discuss your terms, their relationship to each other, and how they’re working in the play.
2.     Circle it up, people!  Let’s read!  J
·       Oedipus                                    Mitch
·       Creon                                    José
·       Chorus                                    Everybody who doesn’t have a speaking role!                                      Everybody!
·       Tiresias                                    Wesley
·       Jocasta                                    Marcee
·       Messenger                                    Cammy
·       Shepherd/Servant                           Jared
·       Servant/Second Messenger                  Jessica

Homework for Tomorrow/Thursday
·       Vocab Sushi Assignment (due tomorrow)
·       Study Guide questions assigned today, IF you didn’t finish them during workshop time

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