Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


When You Come In
·      Sign in, please.

Big Idea for the Week:   Diction = WORD CHOICE

What discussions have we had about diction?
·      Avoiding clichés
·      Vocabulary Variety sheet
·      Using Precise Adjectives

Writing Lesson:  Diction
·       What does it mean?
·       Why is it important?
·       Connotation versus Denotation
·       “Overweight” (loaded word)

Writing Lesson Practice
1.      What Are You Suggesting? (p. 18) with a partner 
2.     Reminder:  Be appropriate and kind.
3.     We’ll share out with the whole class.

Writing Workshop (Thirty Minutes)
o   Death of Language (p. 16)
o   Workshop Time with a Dictionary
o   Due Date:  TOMORROW

During Workshop Time
o   Post ONE of your six word memoirs on the google doc entitled “Six Word Memoirs” in “CREATIVE WRITING”, in your block, please!  

o   Death of Language (due Wednesday)

Welcome to AP English!

When You Come In
·      Shelby H. is taking attendance.

·      Put the desks in a big circle!  
·      Open your RJ to last night’s questions, and let’s discuss them (pages 69-70).
·      Conventions of Greek Drama (p. 68)
·      Review the themes (cast page)
·      Receive speaking roles.
·      Dramatic Irony—when the audience knows information the character(s) on stage do not:  when is it happening?  Why is it happening?  Annotate!  J
·      Start reading this bad boy!  Annotate as we go!  Do you want to re-read the play to review for the test at the end?  No, you don’t.  You want to ANNOTATE now, and be able to review those annotations later, instead of re-reading everything.
·      Oedipus                                    Mitch
·      Creon                                    José
·      Chorus                                    Everybody who doesn’t have a speaking role!                                      Everybody!
·      Tiresias                                    Wesley
·      Jocasta                                    Marcee
·      Messenger                                    Cammy
·      Shepherd/Servant                           Jared
·      Servant/Second Messenger         Jessica

After Lunch
·      Oedipus!  We dedicate the next thirty-five minutes to him, to Sophocles, to Athena, and to any other Greek myth figures we want to.
·      We are already about a third of the way through the play.

@ 1:06
·      Put chairs into uber-neat rows—military precision, people!

Get back these two things:
1.      Myth Essay Rough Draft Worksheet
a.     Put a big circle around “Second Draft of Myth Essay Work” at the bottom.  That’s what you do tonight.
b.    Leave all the bolds, italics and underlines.
2.     Get Myth Essay Rough Draft Homework back; revise tonight!
a.     This is your rough draft.  I didn’t read it—I just checked for requirements.

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