Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Hello, Creative Writing!

When You Come In
·      Sign in, please.
·      Drop your Journal #2 into the drawer.

Writing Lesson—Diction = WORD CHOICE
·      Big Questions:
o   What is diction?
o   Why is it important?
o   What happens to words over time?
o   What does using precise adjectives have to do with diction? (review)
o   What does avoiding clichés have to do with diction? (review)
·      A Bunch of....  (p. 13)
·      Hasta la Vista, Catchphrases (pages 14-15) 

Writing Assignment
o   Death of Language (p. 16)
o   Workshop Time with a Dictionary = thirty minutes
o   Due Date:  WEDNESDAY

o   Death of Language (due Wednesday)

Welcome to AP English

When You Come In
1.      Shelby H. is signing people in today.
2.     Pick up a Myth Essay Rough Draft Worksheet off the circle table.
3.     Please staple the first draft of your myth essay on top of your outline, then drop it in the drawer.
4.     Grab an iBook.

Myth Essay Work Time until 12:06
·      Myth Essay Rough Draft Worksheet

12:10           Beginning Oedipus Rex (one-week unit)
·      Arstotle’s Influence on Our Understanding of Tragedy
Day One of Oedipus Rex
1.      Get a copy of the play. 
3.     Themes—jot these down on page 9 of the play, below the cast of characters:
4.     Background Reading in Your Play Pages—Read aloud and annotate
a.     Mythological Background—page 65
5.     Homework Explanation
6.    Acting Assignments (page 9)—only if you read well aloud!  Please and thank you!

Remember, if you don’t have a speaking role already, you need to bust it out on the chorus!

Homework for Tomorrow
·      Two assignments listed on Aristotle’s Influence on Our Understanding of Tragedy

Homework for Wednesday
·      Second draft of myth essay, with at ten revisions and ten edits.  These would show in your “See Revision History” dated today, tomorrow, or Wednesday.
·      (No Oedipus homework Tuesday night—just the revision on the essay)

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