Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, 11/17/2011


When You Come In
·      Please sign in.
·      Please pick up the pink packet off my desk.
·      Take any sticky notes off your desk, and deposit them in the trash can.

What’s the Word for the Week? (Diction)

Writing Lesson:  Surprise, it’s about diction again.
Remember how we said some words are loaded, that they have baggage, that they gave CONNOTATIONS that have to do with our own personal associations?
1.      Well, turn to page 19, to “Playing with Words”.
2.     I’m going to give you five minutes to fill in as many words as you can.  You CAN USE any of the twenty words you listed for Death of Language. 
3.     Trade three times for smileys.
4.     We’ll share out our best word from each category.

1.      Share Six-Word Memoirs/Stories—IF we didn’t hear yours yesterday!
2.     Saved Words—pick ONE you want to tell us about when it’s your turn to share.

Writing Experiment
·      Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies (poem)

Writing Assignment
·      Prompt Word Poem Explanation and Rubric (due Monday)
·      Word list on google docs 

Welcome to AP English
When You Come In
·        Circle up!  Quick like bunnies!

Homework Due
·        Study Guide Questions

Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles
1.       Check the study guide quickly.
2.       Trios—five minute meeting to discuss your terms, their relationship to each other, and how they’re working in the play.
3.       Select one person to explain to the class quickly and succinctly HOW your terms are connected, and HOW they are relevant to the play we’re reading now.
4.      Trio Presentations
6.      Let’s read!  
·        Oedipus                                                      Mitch
·        Priest of Zeus                                                      Regan
·        Creon                                                                        José
·        Chorus                                                      Everybody who doesn’t have a speaking role!                                                       
·        Tiresias                                                      Wesley
·        Jocasta                                                      Marcee
·        Messenger                                                      Cammy
·        Shepherd/Servant                                                      Jared
·        Servant/Second Messenger                                    Jessica

·        Vocab Sushi Assignment (due FRIDAY)
·        Finish reading the play—reading quiz tomorrow at the first of the block.
·        Do the following study guide questions
·        #40
·        #42
·        #44
·        #47
·        #49
·        #50
·        #51
·        #65
·        #67
·        #70

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