Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Creative Writing Workshop Checklist
Happy Friday!  

·       You’ve got GOBS of time to read, write and create today.
·       Time yourself, so you get through everything.
·       Mark each item off this list as you complete it.

Writing Experiment #7 (twenty minutes—time yourself!)
1.      Grab an iBook, and type for twenty minutes on ONE of the following options.
2.     Use the MLA formate for heading, and doublespace this, since it’s prose, not a poem.
3.     Save, print FRONT/BACK to room 210.  One person go over at the end of writing time and get them, so we don’t interrupt Ms. Flattery twenty times, please.
4.     Put this assignment in the drawer, please

OPTION #1:  The Big Event
When a special event is on the horizon, people plan for it and get excited about it.  Maybe it’s a dance, an election, a family event, a party, a birthday, or an important sports game.
Think of a special event that you planned for a looked forward to that turned out much differently from what you expected.  Write about what you expected would happen and what actually happened.

OPTION #2:  Holiday Cheer
What is your favorite holiday?  What is your least favorite holiday?  Write about two memorable holiday experiences, one from your favorite holiday and one from your least favorite.

OPTION #3:  What a Fright
There’s “fun scary” (walking through a haunted house, screaming through a horror movie, riding a roller coaster) and then there’s “scary scary” (being in a car accident, getting caught in the ocean’s riptide). 
Describe the scariest experience you’ve ever had.  Was it fun scary, or was it really terrifying?

Reading Assignment (Twenty minutes—time yourself!)
1.      Go to the following link:
2.     Browse these stories, and enjoy!
3.     Find three that really speak to you, that spark something in you, that you like.
4.     Copy and paste them into a Word document, and make sure you include author and title!
5.     Save it in your google docs. 
6.     We’ll discuss them Monday.

Writing Assignment:            Prompt Word Poem (Thirty minutes—time yourself!)
1.      Yesterday I handed out the RUBRIC for this assignment and went over most of it.
2.     Please re-read the rubric today, before you start on this assignment.
3.     Read “Reasons for Endline” at the bottom of page 31.
4.     Read “Tips on Titles” on page 34.
5.     Re-read the directions for this poem on page 17.
6.     NOW…
7.     NOW you’re ready to create this poem! 
8.     (The word list is saved in the CW Term Two folder for your class as “Prompt Word Poem Words”.)
9.     This is due MONDAY, so it’s your homework for the weekend.  You will need more than just half an hour to create a piece that meets all the target areas.
10.   Remember, one other person is going to read this on Monday!

Please do the chores on this list in order.  Thank you!

1.      Oedipus Open-Book Quiz (directions on quiz)—take your time; do your best work.
2.     Play the Oedipus game for fifteen minutes (Yes, time yourself.) at this link:
3.     Take at least three different Oedipus quizzes (but spend no more than fifteen minutes, total on this) at the following link:
4.     Oedipus Wordle Creation
·      Brainstorm a list of at least thirty words that show your thinking about the characters and themes in Oedipus.  Consider the following:
o   Truth vs. the appearance of truth
o   Blindness vs. vision (sometimes second sight)
o   Curiosity vs. ignorance (sometimes willful)
o   Knowledge vs. misunderstanding
o   Fate and free will: do the gods dictate these awful deeds?
o   Oedipus’s qualities as a ruler
o   Oedipus’s qualities as a man
o   Key plot-points
·      Once you’ve got at least thirty words, create a wordle for your thinking about the play.  The directions are on google docs.
·      Use variety!  We should be able to see what ideas are most important to you in your thinking by their size, remember?
·      Save your wordle in the folder on google docs (“Oedipus Wordle”) as your last name, and we’ll view them Monday.

Homework for Monday
·      Final Draft—Myth Essay (grade based on AP writing Rubric)
·      Completion of all items listed above

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