Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, 11/22/2011

Creative Writing

Writing Lesson
·      Endline!
o   Discuss the poems you broke yesterday.
o   Why did you break the lines where you did?
o   Why did the writers break the lines where they did?  (originals)
o   What’s the difference between an end-stopped line, and enjambment?
o   Pages 30-31

Writing Assignment 
·      Autobiographical Poem (pages 32-33)
·      Models:  Kyle Smothers and Martha Hernandez
At the end of twenty-five minutes, save and print to room 212, front/back, please!

Sharing:  Fifty-Word Stories
1.      Save ONE into the Creative Writing google docs folder, “Fifty-Word Stories).
2.     Say why you like this story.

1.      Sign off, and put your iBooks away.
2.     Your folder is getting distributed to you now.
3.     Log in the papers you’re getting back, please!  J
a.     Russian Tailor
b.    Prompt Word Poem
c.     Wr. Ex. #7

·      Writing Experiment #9 (twenty-minute timed writing/typing)

Writing Experiment #9
·       Select ONE of the following choices to write about. 
·       Set a timer for twenty minutes.  Write or type for the full twenty minutes. 
·       TYPE this assignment (and doublespace it), if you can do so at a reasonable pace.
·       Record the time you started, and the time you stopped, at the top of your typed page.
·       Note:  I’m skeptical of experiments that are a half-page or less—you wrote for more than that in only ten minutes when you did your first writing assignment on day one of class.  USE THE FULL TWENTY MINUTES for this assignment—focus on the writing, and eliminate the distractions that might claim your attention.

DUE:  TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, in Mr. Collins’ hand, when the tardy bell rings.

Option 1:  This I Believe
You probably share a basic outlook on life with your friends.  However, most people have a few beliefs that would shock their friends.  Write about a belief of yours that annoys or surprises the people who are close to you.

Option 2:  Making a Comeback
According to the cliché,
Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback.”

In your life, has this proven true?  Have you always recovered from setbacks?

When You Come In

1.    Sign in.
2.    Get a copy of “My Oedipus Complex” off my desk.
3.    Turn homework in as listed below.

·       Professor Foster annotations (PUT ON CIRCLE TABLE, PLEASE, AFTER YOU PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!)
Professor Foster—Read and annotate “He’s Blind for a Reason”.
Questions—at least four
Connections—at least four
Comments—at least four
Reference look up—at least two allusions you don’t know
·       Miller “Tragedy and the Common Man” Reading Journal 
·       Open your RJ to this page, and put your name at the top.
·       Leave it open to that on the circle table, please.

“My Oedipus Complex”
1.    Frank O’Connor background
2.    Read along, and annotate as we listen to the story at the following link:
3.    Pair-share the six Reading Journal questions.
4.    Discuss as a class.

·       Explanation about in-class essay tomorrow

·       Vocab Sushi

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