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Wednesday, 11/23/2011


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Give Mr. Collins your homework (WE#9) when the tardy bell rings.
3.     If you don’t have it done and printed by then, do not hand it in.  Thanks.

Portfolio Preparation (Handout:  Portfolio Discussion Sheet—one per group)
·       View powerpoint portfolios—this is just one more option for you!
·       Fill out the group discussion sheet—modify this for whole-class viewing!
·       This is the Portfolio Lesson for the week. The goal is to answer your questions and remove confusion, and push you towards thinking about the shape your project might take—BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.
o   What is the reflection?
o   How do we show evidence of time spent?
o   If our project is a big object, how do we have a cover page?
o   Do we present our portfolios?
o   Do we read our work to others?

Writing Lesson--Making Titles that are Better than this One (Handout—one per person)
1.      Get a handout entitled, "Making Titles...."
2.     Get an Earthbook--any issue will work.
3.     Complete the worksheet.
4.     Put your name on the worksheet, and put it in the correct folder on the circle table.
5.     Neatly put your EB back where you got it.

Writing Assignment
1.      Write your own fifty-word story—fiction (some lies) or memoir (true).
2.     Print it, and put it in the correct folder on the circle table, please.

Revision Assignment
1.      Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies poem—go back to your original (in your google docs), and re-read your first draft. 
2.     Review the questions your partner asked you.
3.     Think about LINE BREAKS, TITLES, and CONCRETE DETAILS, like we talked about yesterday.
4.     Revise your poem to a second draft, making at least TEN CHANGES.  (Check yourself in “File” and “See Revision History” to see if you’ve made at least ten changes.
5.     Share it with me only.  (Do not print this assignment.)

·       Journal #2—2 pages MINIMUM, typed, doublespaced
·       Use pages 6 and 7 if you need help.
·       Due when you come in on Tuesday; if you need to print here at school, get here a few minutes early.



In-Class Essay
Friday, 11/23/2011
Start Time:  11:20AM
End Time:  When “C” lunch begins

Your Task:  Create a five-paragraph essay, using some variation of the following as your THESIS: 
The three Wired Study Tips from Cody Blair I will use to help me in college next year are as follows:  1)______________, 2)______________, and 3)_________________.

What to Do
·       You should ARGUE.
·       You should use “I”, since this is an argument about what YOU will do next year.
·       You should use details to support your points.
·       You should use the AP Writing Rubric as your guide.
·       You should use They Say/I Say advice and templates as needed.

Before and During Your Essay Preparation, If Needed
1.      Review the podcasts.
a.     In the finder, type in “itunes u”.
b.     You should be taken to a folder with forty or so podcasts.
c.     Peruse the podcasts available.
d.     Doubleclick on the first podcast you want to listen to.
2.     Look up templates from They Say/I Say to use in your essay.

Step One
·       Create an outline at the following link: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/persuasion_map/
·       Print it.
·       Have ONE PERSON go pick them up everyone once in a while, so we don’t interrupt Ms. Flattery’s class 21 times.

Step Two
·       Type your essay, based on your outline.
·       Print it.
·       Have ONE PERSON go pick them up everyone once in a while, so we don’t interrupt Ms. Flattery’s class 21 times.

Step Three
·       Staple the outline on top of the essay, then give it to Mr. Collins, please.

·     Vocab Sushi—do it today or tonight.


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