Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Hello, Reading!
 (Eleven Days Left in Term)

When You Come In
·       Please sign in!  Thanks!
·       Get a green vocab sheet off my desk.

Organization Reminders
Fluency and Vocabulary; Read and Relax
·       All this week

Fluency Final Preparation w/Books
·       Monday, October 17—Library—DO NOT BE ABSENT!
o   Fluency Training and Book Selection with Mrs. Weidner
·       Tuesday-Friday, October 18th-21st

Performances for WHS Staff
·       Monday, October 24th
·        BPA people will need to schedule a time with staff to rehearse PRIOR to Tuesday, since you will be absent from class today.
o   Haley
o   Lindsay
o   Jo
o   Jase
·       Final vocabulary quiz

Tuesday, October 25th—FLUENCY FINAL
·       Gone for Choir:  Melissa, Deshia, Caiti, Matt
·       1st Block = 8:10-9:36
·       2nd Block = 9:50-11:16

Wednesday, October 26—FLUENCY FINAL!  (This is our last day together.)
·       1st Block = 8:10-9:36
·       2nd Block = 9:50-11:16

Thursday, October 27th
·       We do not meet as a class.

1.      Exasperation (n)—an irritation; a frustration
a.     In the extra space you have on your green sheet, list FIVE things that are EXASPERATIONS to you.
2.     Inconsequential (adj)—trivial; unimportant
a.     Write in the seven words that are antonyms
                                      i.     Critical
                                     ii.     Consequential
                                    iii.     Crucial
                                    iv.     Significant
                                     v.     Important
                                    vi.     Vital        
                                   vii.     primary
3.     Everybody up for one round of review.

Six-Way Paragraph
1.      Title this, “23—The Soccer War”.
2.     Make sure you put your name and date on it.
3.     Make sure you score it after we discuss it.

Read and Relax
·       Don’t quit reading until 11:13, if you want a “5” today.  Every minute counts!
·       Bookmark Journal #5--Super Signals (due end of block)

Read-Aloud in the Carpet Corner, Tomorrow and Friday
Check my fluency!  How am I doing?
Dog Breath:  The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis

·       Read for thirty minutes during seminar (and get your seminar teacher to sign) or at home tonight (and get a parent to sign), IF you haven’t finished book #2 yet.


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Pick up the Socratic Fishbowl handout from my desk.
3.     Please flash me your page 16.
4.     Make an inner circle of ten desks, and an outer circle of twelve desks.
5.     Inner Circle
a.     Mitch
b.     Jia
c.     Regan
d.     Jessica
e.     Jared
f.      Shelby H.
g.     Nate
h.     Bryton
i.       Marcee
j.       Alex M.
6.     Outer Circle
a.     Shannon
b.     Gavin
c.     Wesley
d.     José
e.     Teara
f.      Dana
g.     Alex T.
h.     Abby
i.       Cammy
j.       Shelby W.
k.     Emily
l.      KW

·       Please bring your ear buds or headphones tomorrow (and maybe Thursday and Friday).

Socratic Fishbowl—Why?
1.      • Develop students’ understanding and application of close reading analysis and questioning techniques
2.     • Challenge students to increase depth of analysis through focused discussion
3.     • Support students’ abilities to make connections from specific to broad ideas
4.     • Increase students’ awareness of individual participation and group dynamics
5.     • Foster students’ productive group discussion techniques, active listening skills, and respectful
6.     communication
7.     • Foster a positive, safe, and comfortable classroom community

Mango Discussions (Socratic Fishbowl)
1.      “Red Clowns” (book pages 99-100 and yellow page 16)
2.     “The Monkey Garden” (book pages 94-8 and yellow page 15)

After Our Fishbowl Concludes
1.      Get an iBook.
2.     Think about what you most want to say about
o   Your performance today—what you did well, what you’d like to do better on next time
o   Your contributions today—what you brought to the discussion
o   A specific aspect of the topics discussed—a question, a clarification, an a-ha moment, etc.
3.     Your ideas should be connected to one or more of the questions I asked you on the white handout, and/or to the goals I outlined for you at the first of the block.
4.     Develop your ideas into a thoughtful personal essay, introspective and honest in tone. 
5.     Use details/examples to support your points.
6.     Length = Typed, doublespaced, two pages; MLA format for heading
7.     Staple your white Socratic Fishbowl to the back, then throw it in the drawer.

·       Quiz over last third of novella

1.      Vocab Sushi assignment due THURSDAY

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