Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Hello, Reading!

(Ten Days Left in Term)

When You Come In
·       Please sign in!  Thanks!
·       Get out your green vocab sheet from yesterday.

Organization Reminders
Fluency and Vocabulary; Read and Relax
·       All this week

Fluency Final Preparation w/Books
·       Monday, October 17—Library—DO NOT BE ABSENT!
o   Fluency Training and Book Selection with Mrs. Weidner
·       Tuesday-Friday, October 18th-21st

Performances for WHS Staff
·       Monday, October 24th
·        BPA people will need to schedule a time with staff to rehearse PRIOR to Tuesday, since you will be absent from class today.
o   Lindsay
o   Jo
o   Jase
·       Final vocabulary quiz

Tuesday, October 25th—FLUENCY FINAL
·       Gone for Choir:  Melissa, Deshia, Caiti, Matt
·       1st Block = 8:10-9:36
·       2nd Block = 9:50-11:16

Wednesday, October 26—FLUENCY FINAL!  (This is our last day together.)
·       1st Block = 8:10-9:36
·       2nd Block = 9:50-11:16

Thursday, October 27th
·       We do not meet as a class.

New Vocabulary
1.      Bellicose (adj)—liking to fight; warlike; quarrelsome
a.     List three people you know who are BELLICOSE, then write a few words about HOW you know they’re BELLICOSE.
                                      i.     Muhammad Ali—boxed a lot of people, and loved it
                                     ii.     Sammy (Jersey Shore)—her and Ronnie fight all the time; she got in a fist-fight with J-Wow.
                                    iii.     A bully—he/she likes to pick fights
b.     Synonyms—Circled:  aggressive, feisty, combative
c.     Antonyms—Underlined:  Meek; peacable
2.     Embellish (verb)—to decorate; to add ornamentation
a.     Write the following sentence on your vocab sheet, and fill in the blanks:  If I could EMBELLISH my room however I wanted, I would decorate it with these three things:  1)___________, 2)____________, and 3)___________________.
b.     Unscramble Synonyms
                                      i.     Amplify
                                     ii.     Enhance
                                    iii.     Elaborate

Vocabulary Review—Put this on notebook paper, please, and title it “Vocabulary Review”, and date it with today’s date.
1.      My parents think it’s vital that I _______(Example:clean my room)___, but I think it’s INCONSEQUENTIAL because _______(Example: they don’t live there!)__________.
2.     I think it’s important that I ______________________________, but my parents think it’s INCONSEQUENTIAL because ______________________.
3.     People who drive slowly in the passing lane are EXASPERATIONS for Ms. Willis.  For me, an EXASPERATION IS when _________________________.
4.     Another thing that EXASPERATES me is when_______________________.

·       Please put this in the drawer when you’re done.
·       Pick up a blank green vocab grid off the back table (next to the drawers)

Vocabulary Organization
·       Record our four new words on your green vocab grid.

Read-Aloud in the Carpet Corner
·       Check my fluency!  How am I doing?  Use the rubric!

Read and Relax
·       Don’t quit reading until 9:33/11:13, if you want a “5” today.  Every minute counts!
·       Bookmark Journal #5--Super Signals (due end of block—only four people still need to do it.

·       Read for thirty minutes during seminar (and get your seminar teacher to sign) or at home tonight (and get a parent to sign), IF you haven’t finished book #2 yet.


1.     When You Come In
a.    Sign in, please.
b.   Staple yesterday’s worksheet on to the back of your typed reflection, then put it in the drawer—please and thank you!  J
c.    Grab the Podcast handout off my desk, please.  (gray)  Throw the old one away, if you were here Friday!
d.   Grab the College Prep Research handout (white).    You got it Friday, if you were here—so don’t get another one!

2.    Listen to Podcasts Explanation and Tutorial (handout)

3.    Quiz

·      Grab an iBook
1.     Listen to “WIRED STUDY TIPS” (college prep), and fill out your handout as you go (forty minutes, total).
2.    Add your TOTAL MINUTES at the bottom of your handout, when you’re sure you’ve done forty.
3.    Complete the College Prep Research handout.
4.   Finish any remainder for homework, and turn both sheets in TOMORROW, please. 

12:55--Mango Street
Discuss the questions we still have, with the monkey and the mic.  J
1.     I’ll read a question.
2.    You will open your book, and try to find textual evidence to answer the question. 
3.    Once you have an idea and a textual bit of evidence you can direct people to, take a seat at the monkey desk, get the mic, and tell us your ideas.

·      Vocab Sushi
·      Forty minutes of Podcast-listening, and completed worksheet (whatever you didn’t finish in class)
·      College-Prep Research worksheet completed

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