Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


Hello, Reading!
Day Thirty-Two
(Thirteen Days Left in Term)

When You Come In
·      Please sign in!  Thanks!
·      Get a sticky note, write your name on it, and select a NEW seat for the rest of the term.  Once someone claims a seat, it’s a done deal—no negotiating or harassment for someone to trade with you!
·      Pick up your yellow sheet from yesterday off the circle table.

Organization Reminders
Fluency and Vocabulary; Read and Relax
·      All this week

Fluency Final Preparation w/Books
·      Monday, October 17—Library—DO NOT BE ABSENT!
o   Fluency Training and Book Selection with Mrs. Weidner
·      Tuesday-Friday, October 18th-21st

Performances for WHS Staff
·      Monday, October 24th
·      BPA Gone—Rehearsals on FRIDAY!  Jase

25th—Choir (Melissa, Deshia, Caiti, Matt)

Fluency Final—DO NOT BE ABSENT!
·      Tuesday and Wednesday, October 25th and 26th

End of Term
·      Thursday, October 27th (Annika and Dayton gone)

Fluency, Part I
1.      What is PHRASING?  What’s another word for it?  Why is it vital to your fluency?
2.     Review the FLUENCY rubric.
3.     Check the last two exercises from the PHRASING sheet we did yesterday. 
4.     Put this paper in the FLUENCY section of your binder.
5.     With the partner I’ve assigned you, complete Phrasing Worksheet #1, the following numbers:  #1, #4, #5, #7, #10  (five minutes)
6.    We’ll check these as a class, then turn them in.

Fluency, Part II
1.      How important is EXPRESSION when you read?  Why?
2.     What text signals do we rely on when we read to help us use the correct EXPRESSION? 
4.     On the Looking for Alaska excerpt, you and your partner each circle all the SUPER SIGNALS you see.
5.     When you finish circling all the SUPER SIGNALS, talk with your partner about HOW these signals would help you read this piece with the correct EXPRESSION.
6.    We’ll have several people play the parts in this excerpt, and we’ll hear what correct EXPRESSION sounds like.
7.     Make sure your name and date are at the top of your paper, then put it in the FLUENCY section of your binder.
8.    Update our SUPER SIGNALS chart with the new SUPER SIGNALS we saw today.

Read and Relax (Thirty minutes)


When You Come In
1.      Get an orange name tag, write your name on it, and choose a NEW seat for the last third of term 1.
2.     Number your Mango Visualizing details, #1-#20.
3.     Make sure your name is written in large letters at the top!
4.     Put them on the circle table.
5.     Put your name in big letters across page 12, and lay it in the pile on the circle table.
6.    Pick up your journal, and read through my comments over your last five entries:  9/30-10/6.

·      Please bring your ear buds or headphones tomorrow (and maybe Thursday and Friday).

·      Finding One’s “Home”—page 17, #6 (11:29-11:39)
·      At the end of ten minutes, open your journal to “Perrine Reading Journal”, and leave it open to that page on my desk in a neat pile, please.

“The Monkey Garden”
1.      Get back your Visualizing sheets for this chapter.
2.     Select TEN of your most vivid details to draw for a poster you will create with  a partner I assign you.
3.     Create your poster, each of you drawing TEN items a piece (TWENTY, total).  You have fifteen minutes, and then we’re having a gallery walk, so work fast!

When You Return From Lunch
1.      Put away the markers.
2.     Neaten your posters and your seating areas.
3.     Go on a Gallery Walk!  J  We have no wine or cheese, so we will make do with some classical music.
4.     What most interested you during the Gallery Walk?
o   The monkeys
o   Seeing all the different items on the posters
o   Jessica and Jared’s comments
o   The different variations—how someone else saw the same thing I drew
o   Jared and Jessica’s bow-tie fruit flies and cars
o   How other people “saw” the detail
o   Marcee and Alex M—Esperanza running up the stairs

Quiet Work Time
1.      Complete page 16 in your yellow packet.
2.     Read “Red Clowns”, pages 99-100.
3.     What is EXPLICIT?  What is IMPLICIT?  (Think about it; no writing is required.)
4.     Continue reading, and finish the novel, with annotations.

1.      Quiz tomorrow over last third of book
2.     Vocab Sushi assignment due THURSDAY

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