Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011


Tuesday, October 4th
Day Twenty-Seven

Brain Warm-Up
1.      Spread your cards on you desk, PICTURE SIDE UP.
2.     Jase will call the vocabulary word.  (He’ll run review today.)
3.     You pick it up, check yourself, then show it to the other side of the room.

1.      Take the vocabulary mid-term.
2.     When you finish, drop your test in the drawer.
3.     Read quietly until I tell you everyone is done.
4.     Anyone talking or texting (for any reason) will get a zero on the mid-term.
5.     …no carpet corner during the test.

Read and Relax
·       If you’ve finished a book, you should ALSO be ready to have a book chat when you come back. 
·       Preparation:  three strategies from your bookmark, thoughtfully prepared.

Ask Library if we can arrive early.
Let Gina know we're coming.
Make sure everyone is "legal" to leave school grounds.

Things I Need to Record
1.      One hour homework reading (Done, 1st block)
2.     Slideshows
3.     Slideshow viewing sheet

·       Skrapy
·       Jordan
·       Matt
·       Gabe
·       Caleb

·       Alan
·       Travis
·       Jase
·       Matt

Hello, AP!

Homework Due for Peer Conferencing
1.      Staple your REVISED draft on top of your ROUGH draft.
2.     Pick up a blank copy of the Impossible Thank-You Poem Rubric (yellow, on my desk)
3.     Trade poems with a partner.
4.     Make at least TEN SPECIFIC COMMENTS on your partner’s draft.
5.     Then fill out the rubric completely, circling numbers, citing evidence—everything.
6.     Give the completed peer conference BACK to the writer, so he/she can peruse your comments.
7.     Staple the peer conference sheet on top of your partner’s drafts, then put it in the drawer.  I’ll have it back to you by the time you leave today.
8.     Open your journal to a clean page, and date it with today’s date:  10/4/2011

Journal (Ten minutes)  11:47-57
·       Freedom and Entrapment
·       Page 17, #2
·       We will NOT pair-share this entry.

Doing Your Best Thinking on Writing Assignments
1.      Answer all the questions fully.
2.     Use academic language.
3.     Examples:  Gavin and Shelby
4.     Get your journal self-evaluations back.
5.     Divider in your binder:  two self-evaluations; Alex M and Gavin and Shelby (models)
6.     Pass back all papers.

Vocab War Team Formations and Meetings
·       Talk about any Vocab War items you’ve recorded.
·       Does anyone need more Vocab War grids?

Quiet, Independent Work Time (while I continue Mid-Term Conferences)
·       Tasks:  any of the four listed below for Homework

1.     Read and annotate Mango, pages 31-64 (quiz Wednesday)
2.     Character chart—add to pages 6-7, extra Character Chart (on white)
3.     Vocab Sushi (due by classtime Wednesday)

·       .      FINAL DRAFT—Impossible Thank-You Poem

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