Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, October 3rd, 2011


Day Twenty-Six

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Turn in your homework:
a.     Read for ONE HOUR this weekend.
b.     Keep track on your gold make-up reading sheet.
c.     Have a parent or adult sign it.
d.     Due:  Monday when you come in—PLEASE PUT IT IN THE DRAWER!  THANKS!
3.     Get your blue sheet off the circle table please!

·       Take a look at the schedule for the week.
o   Weekly Agenda
o   Friday’s Schedule
o   E-mail Thursday

Vocabulary Review
·       On your own paper, you’re going to take a pre-quiz today.
o   Title it “Vocab Mid-Term Preview”.  This will show you what words you need to study for the test tomorrow.
·       The format is going to be IDENTICAL to the Mid-Term Vocabulary Test you are taking tomorrow in class.
·       After we check the test, write a LETTER TO YOURSELF at the top of your paper about what you need to study.

Read and Relax
·       Bring your blue sheet back, when you get tapped on the shoulder.  (I’ll input your daily grade for reading the last few days.)
·       If you’ve finished a book, you should ALSO be ready to have a book chat when you come back.  Preparation:  three strategies from your bookmark, thoughtfully prepared.

Ladies Today
·       Jov
·       Mariah
·       Flor
·       Morgan C
·       Haley
·       Caiti
·       Annika
·       Melissa
·       Dayton
·       Deshia

Gentlemen Tomorrow
·       Skrapy
·       Jordan
·       Matt
·       Gabe
·       Caleb
·       Alan
·       Jason
·       Travis
·       Jase

NOTE:  We are walking to the Public Library to read on WEDNESDAY.  Make sure you’re “legal” to leave school grounds!

Howdy, AP!
Happy Monday!
Day 27

Homework Due
·       Please open your yellow packet to page 6, and write your name in big letters across the top.  Leave it on the circle table.  I’ll check it while you’re journaling and taking the quiz.  Thank you!
·       Does anyone need me to go over the plans for the week, especially Thursday and Friday, or has someone already done that with you guys?

Journal (Start at 11:30; end at 11:40)
·       Review Friday’s journal over self-definition and identity.
·       Write for a few minutes about who Esperanza is.  (Use your book as needed, and answer as many of the following questions as you can.)
o   How did she get her name? 
o   What does her name mean? 
o   How does she feel about it? 
o   Who is she? 
o   Who does she want to be?
·       Pair-share with someone new.  (Don’t forget to sign each other’s journal!)
·       If you finish early, and you’ve exhausted all possible topics for the above prompts, make a list of questions you have about the first third of the novella.

·       I will be checking your annotations for the novel.  Most likely, I will wait until the end of the reading to do this.  But it will be an important homework grade.
·       Let’s look at Alex M’s example of leaving breadcrumbs. Are you doing that with your annotations?

·       Pages 3-33
·       You must stay silent, until I tell you everyone’s quiz is in.  If you are talking for any reason, you will have to take a zero on the quiz.

·       When you finish the quiz, please go back to your annotations for pages 3-33
·       Start filling out page 8 and page 11.

Class Discussion and Trios
·       After everyone’s finished the quiz, we’ll get into trios to complete all of page 8 and all of page 11.
·       You have until 1:05.

Homework for Tomorrow, Tuesday
1.      Revised—AT LEAST TEN CHANGES--Impossible Thank-You Poem
2.     Start Wednesday’s homework.

1.      FINAL DRAFT—Impossible Thank-You Poem
2.     Read and annotate Mango, pages 31-64 (quiz Wednesday)
3.     Character chart—add to pages 6-7, extra Character Chart (on white)
4.     Vocab Sushi (due by classtime Wednesday)

Journals—please leave them with me tonight.
1.      Jess
2.     Teara
3.     Dana
4.     Abby

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