Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Day Twenty-Six

Viewing the Vocabulary Slideshows--
Enjoy and Review!

Vocabulary Words
1.              Novice
2.             Connoisseur
3.             Eclectic
4.             To abhor
5.             To curtail
6.            To augment
7.             Aloof
8.            Haughty
9.            Tenacious
10.          Adversity
11.           Holocaust
12.           Cerebral
13.          Resilient
14.          Circuitous
15.          To pacify
16.          To encroach
17.          To germinate
18.          Austere
19.          Catalyst
20.         To discredit           

1.     Go to the blog:
2.    Click on the link, “Vocab Quizzes on Photopeach”.  You will find everyone’s quizzes there, sorted by class.
3.    Select the first quiz to view.
4.    Click on it, start the slideshow, and take the quiz.
5.    Record your information below on the back of this sheet. (handout in class)
6.   Repeat!  You'll watch five slideshows, total.

·       Read for ONE HOUR this weekend.
·       Keep track on your gold make-up reading sheet.
·       Have a parent or adult sign it.
·       Due:  Monday when you come in

Day Twenty-Six

Homework Due
·       Vocab Sushi (online)

The House on Mango Street
·       Pick up a yellow packet and an orange packet off the circle table.

Journal (ten minutes)            11:25-11:35
·      Quick-Write Topic #1—Self-Definition and Identity--from your yello Mango packet, page 17.
·      Pair-share with someone new-ish. 
·      Write one sentence at the end of your partner’s journal that shows a connection you made, or a comment you have.

Reading Reminder—Annotation
·      Read “Ditch the Highlighter” on page 5 of your Mango packet.  Ironically, I want you to ANNOTATE as you read.  J
·      I will check your comments Monday for a daily grade.

Reading—Intro to the Novel
·      Read and annotate page 2.
·      I will check your comments Monday for a daily grade.

Mango Reading Assignment #1
·      Start now.
·      Annotate.
·      Keep track of the characters on page 6 (due Monday)
·      Finish reading and annotating by classtime Monday.
·      …quiz Monday over pages 3-30.

Impossible Thank-You Poem (final draft due Tuesday)
·      Go over the rubric for this poem.
·      Get your original back.

·      Talk about any Vocab War items you’ve recorded.
·      Does anyone need more Vocab War grids?
·      Play Slap It! With our notecard vocabulary.

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