Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 17th, 2011


When You Come In
·       Get your coat, chickadees!
·       Sign in, please.
·       Put your one hour reading homework in the drawer, after you make sure your name is on it.  Thanks!

We’re going to the library!
1.      What books would kids like to be read, and why?  (Think about the books you looked at and commented on Friday.
2.     Mrs. Weidner is putting herself out there by reading a kids book to 26 high school juniors.  I want everyone to be an enthusiastic listener—not sarcastic, but enthusiastic.  Get into the book, and answer her questions, so she doesn’t feel awkward reading to you guys.
3.     Take a look at who you’ll be reading to.  You need to make sure you get books for a RANGE of kiddos—not all simple books, and not all complex books, but a mix.
4.     Take the battery out of your phone, and drop your phone into the bag on your way out the door.  I want you completely focused on listening, reading, selecting books, and reading aloud, if time allows.  Phones do not fit into this scenario.  You get it back when we come back to school.
5.     Keep you mind focused on PREPARING FOR READING TO YOUR STEWART KIDS!  That’s why we’re doing everything we’re doing this week!
6.     Take a look at your partners for the Fluency Final.  Please be respectful of my decisions, and please be respectful of your partner.


·      Get mythology packet copied.
·      Get more Vocab War sheets.

·      Receive back Impossible Thank-You Poem,
·      File it in the WRITING portion of your binder.

·      Your vocabulary is the LARGEST indicator of your reading comprehension level—scientific research says so.  That’s WHY I am requiring you guys to work a lot with vocabulary acquisition.
·      Update your Vocab War sheets.
·      Review terms.
·      Meet with Vocab War Teams; plan strategy!
Vocabulary War Teams                                    Group Tallies
1.         Mitch D, Jared H, Alex T.                        77
2.        Jia D, Shelby H, Teara R.                        92
3.       Shannon M, Marcee M, José R.                  176
4.       Jessica G, Abby T, Cammy T.                  98
5.        Regan E, Nate K, Emily Z.                        140
6.       Alex M, Gavin P, Wesley P.                  107
7.        Bryton L, Dana S, Shelby W.                  84 (without Shelby)

Competition Ideas
1.     I give you guys X number of words in a week, and you get X number of points if you used them so many times that week.
2.    Something different every week!

Organization/Reflection—From Now Until January
·      If I see evidence that you’ve discussed a reading (via the wiki, for example, or via a writing assignment), that helps me determine whether or not we need to discuss it as a class, and how much time we should dedicate to it.

Saying Good-Bye to Mango Street
·      Page 15 with trios—read through all the questions, and star ones you might want to talk about in the Fishbowl. (12:37-12:46)
·      Reread your Socratic Fishbowl essay before we start today.
·      Punch it, and put it in the “Writing” section of your binder.
·      Socratic Fishbowl over “The Monkey Garden” (outer group starts inside this time)

None!  Can you believe that?!  :-)

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