Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Wecome to Reading!

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Get ONE of your children’s books.  (You’ll be reading it aloud today.)
3.     Get the two handouts off my desk, please.
4.     Flip to your yellow fluency rubric in your binder.

·       Four days until performances for staff
·       Five days until performances for Stewart kiddos

Organization Reminders
I am not here Friday—technology class in CR.  Mr. Collins will be my sub.  Regardless, you will have work you need to get done—it’s crunch-time.
Friday:  Abbie and Dayton gone?

Performances for WHS Staff
·       Monday, October 24th
·        BPA people will need to schedule a time with staff to rehearse PRIOR to Monday, since you will be absent from class today.
o   Lindsay          (Reading to Wieland Friday)
o   Jo                     (Reading to Wieland Friday)
o   Jase
·       Final vocabulary quiz

Tuesday, October 25th—FLUENCY FINAL
·       Gone for Choir:  Melissa, Deshia, Caiti, Matt
·       1st Block = 8:10-9:36
·       2nd Block = 9:50-11:16

Wednesday, October 26—FLUENCY FINAL!  (This is our last day together.)
·       1st Block = 8:10-9:36
·       2nd Block = 9:50-11:16

Thursday, October 27th
·       We do not meet as a class.

Fluency Final
1.      Review the Fluency Rubric.  Make sure you have a copy of it in your binder!
2.     Review rules for Phrasing.
• What are the rules for where to PHRASE something (slashes)?
• What do you do when there are no rules?
• Why is PHRASING important? 
• How will PHRASING help your listeners understand your reading?
3.     Review rules for Super Signals.
4.     Complete Fluency Prep Sheet #1 over your first book.
5.     Set the timer on your phone, and read your book to yourself.
6.     Write the TIME it took you to read on the upper right corner of your Prep Sheet #1.
7.     Turn Prep Sheet #1 into the drawer.
Please read your Read and Relax book quietly until everyone has finished Prep Sheet #1.  Thank you!

Fluency Final Prep, Part II
1.      Get a copy of the ballot.
2.     Look over it with me, and fill out the top part.
3.     Get with your partner, and read Book #1 to him/her.  (Partner, you MUST time the person read, and write the time in the upper right corner of the rubric.)
4.     Your grade today comes from the thoughtful, detailed comments you make on each other’s papers. 
5.     Be honest.  Don’t give each other “4”s.  What are the odds you perform your book perfectly on the first aloud attempt?  You’ll help your partner more by giving honest, constructive criticism than you will by saying, “You’re perfect! Don’t change a thing!”
6.     I cannot stress this enough—you have to be stellar if you leave the room to prep.  My colleagues have graciously allowed us to ENROACH on their space.  My super-respectful at all time, say “Please” and “Thank You”, and be on task!
7.     1st Block
a.     Señor Wieland’s room
                                      i.     Haley and Morgan
b.     Mrs. Werth’s room
c.     Mr. Van Weelden
d.     Ms. Flattery’s Office—shut the door!  J
e.     Student Lounge
                                      i.     Mariah and Johannah
f.      Mr. B’s office—check with Kaylene first!
                                      i.     Dalton and Jesus
g.     Monkey Room
                                      i.     Katie and Flor and Mallory
                                     ii.     Bridget and Lyndsay
h.     Auditorium
                                      i.     Connor and Jordan
                                     ii.     Morgan C. and Caleb.
                                    iii.     Anna and Jovany
i.       Hallway
                                      i.     Jacob and Alicia
j.       Here
                                      i.     Matt and Laramie
                                     ii.     Tyler and Brody
                                    iii.     Gabe and Brooks
k.     Mrs. Soboroff’s room
l.      Library
8.     2nd Block
a.     Señora Schantz’s room
                                      i.     Melissa and Caiti
b.     Student Lounge
                                      i.     Matt Bump and Jase
c.     Mr. B’s office—check with Kaylene first!
d.     Monkey room
                                      i.     Alan S and Tamera
e.     Mrs. Moothart’s room
                                      i.     Dayton and Annika
                                     ii.     Jenny, Bailey and Tiara
f.      Ms. Flattery’s Office—shut the door!  J
g.     Library
h.     Carpet Corner
                                      i.     Joey and Allan R.
i.       Mr. Jewell
                                      i.     Deshia and Courtney
j.       Auditorium
                                      i.     Kelby and Beefy

After You Read Book#1
1.     Put your completed rehearsal in the drawer.
2.    Pick up a Prep Sheet #2 off my desk.
3.    Start prepping BOOK #2.

Fluency Homework
1.      Take the yellow ballot.
2.     Write “HOMEWORK REHEARSAL #1” in big letters across the top.  This is due when you come in tomorrow.
3.     Take Book #1 home, and the yellow ballot home, and perform your book for someone who can fill out your ballot.  (Or you can do this in seminar.)  Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could find someone in Reading who could practice with you in seminar?

·       Review on your own paper.


Happy Tuesday!

When You Come In
1.     Please sign in.
2.    Pick up
1.     the new part of your textbook, the blue Backbone Literature packet
2.    the green “Glossary” sheet
3.    more Vocab War sheets, if you need them 

·      Review team totals.
·      Next team meeting:  MONDAY, 10/24/2011

Backbone Literature
·      We discussed page 1 for the “big picture” and to clarify the three projects for this unit:  powerpoint, Myth Barbie, and Myth Facebook page.
·      We reviewed people’s wiki #5 definitions to take some notes on what a myth is (page 2).
·      I handed out beast backgrounds on twenty-one creatures.
·      We had half the block to create a Powerpoint to show the class who/what/why your beast is.
·      I handed out a checklist for this assignment, which I will use to evaluate your slideshow tomorrow.

Finish your Myth Beast Powerpoint--you will present it tomorrow!

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