Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day Nineteen

When You Come In
·       Please sign in.
·       Please pick up a six-way paragraph, “A Mystery Solved”.
·       Please pick up your blue reading sheet off the circle table.
·       Please pick up an extra credit vocabulary.

Papers Back
Binder Section
Paper Color
Vocabulary Connections
Notebook Paper
64 A Bitter Feud
Six-Way Paragraphs
Making Inferences
White handout
Bookmark Journal #1
Bookmark Journal
Bookmark Journal #3
Bookmark Journal
Bookmark Journal #2
Bookmark Journal

Housekeeping and Memos to You Guys
·       Put everything in each binder section in date order, oldest to newest, please.
·       Congrats—the Vocabulary Connections you came up with were awesome!  You guys came up with lots of combos I hadn’t thought of.
·       Please make sure you’ve charted ALL your six-way paragraphs.
·       If you didn’t hand in the little square of paper that said “Sixteen Vocabulary Cards” at the top, you got a zero for your vocabulary cards. 
·       Print off copies of the extra credit vocab for everyone.  You have five more days to get on the list for extra credit!  The deadline is Tuesday, 9/27!  

Six-Way Paragraph
·       53  A Mystery Solved
·       Pair-Share
·       Check it, score it, and turn it in.

Read and Relax (Thirty Minutes)

Hello, AP!
Day Twenty-One

Homework Due
·       Vocab Sushi Quiz and Assignment (online)

Class Discussion and Read-Aloud
·       Review and discuss pages 24-27 of Perrine.
·       Read and annotate the rest of Perrine together, aloud. 

“Home Burial”
·       Complete the Reading Journal assignment (four questions) from yesterday.  I’m giving you SOME work time, but this is probably not enough to finish, so whatever you have remaining is for homework—due tomorrow at 11:20AM.
·       Read the directions for Part II, and complete questions #1; #2; #4; #5 in your Reading Journal.  I am looking for
o   They Say (a detail from the poem to support your point)
o   and I Say (your own opinion about what is going on).
o   (daily grade for thoughtful, thorough, complete answers)

Vocabulary—After Lunch
·       Listen as I give a brief definition of the word.  Note any examples we discuss.  Ask questions for clarifications, as needed.
·       Everybody Up!
·       Slap It!
·       Select SIX words for Friday’s Itty-Bitty Vocab Quiz #1.

Homework and Such
1.      Homework for Tomorrow         Reading Journal for “Home Burial”
2.     Homework for Friday                  Knock-Out Metaphor
3.     Homework for Friday                  Study for Itty-Bitty Vocab Quiz #1
4.     Homework for Monday         Vocab Sushi Assignment
5.     Housekeeping                           Has everyone turned in his/her rough draft and                                     peer conference sheet from the minimalism essay                                     work you did Friday?  I need that NOW!

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