Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Day Eighteen

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Get the following three things off my desk:
a.     A new blue reading sheet off my desk.  Please put your name on both sides.
b.     a new vocabulary sheet off my desk.
c.     four blank vocab cards

New Vocabulary Words
·       Discredit
·       Eclectic

Vocabulary Review
·       Up and At ‘Em (all words on board)
·       Make your four new flashcards = total of twenty
·       Come up to the podium and enter your Extra Credit Vocabulary.  Next week is mid-term, and I want to put that extra credit on your mid-term grade.

·       “The Wife’s Tale”
·       We read further in the story today, and we made inferences.  We’ll continue with this tomorrow.

Read and Relax
·       We read for thirty minutes.

AP!  :-)

Day Eighteen

When You Come In
Please sign in.
Please pull pages 31-34 out of your binder, and keep them at your desk.
Please open your binder to page 24, and write your name at the top of page 24.  Leave your binder open to that page on the circle table for me, please.  I’ll check your annotations, then hand your binder back.
o No quotation journal today
o Most of class will be independent work time for a close reading of a Robert Frost poem.

Robert Frost’s Poem:  “Home Burial” (pages 31-34)
Read the directions on page 34 for Part I of the Reading Journal, then complete them. (daily grade for annotations)
Pair share for five minutes. 
Let’s read the poem aloud as a class, then discuss some of your questions.  We’ll use words and lines from the text to support our ideas.  What does Perrine say about the best interpretation of a poem?
Me = speaker
Mitch = Man
Shelby = Woman

Let’s look at Alex’s annotations, then talk about what it means to be engaged, thoughtful, thorough and precise.

After Our Class Discussion—Back to Quiet Work Time (Ten minutes)
Read the directions for Part II, and complete questions #1; #2; #4; #5 in your Reading Journal.  I am looking for 
o They Say (a detail from the poem to support your point) 
o and I Say (your own opinion about what is going on).
o (daily grade for thoughtful, thorough, complete answers)

Homework for Tomorrow
Vocab Sushi Activity
Vocab Sushi Quiz

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