Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Hello, Reading!
Day Fourteen

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab from my desk
a.     a copy of the Six-Way Paragraph
b.    the two green vocab sheets
c.     sixteen white cards

Six-Way Paragraph
·      His Final Escape
·      Please read your free reading book when you finish the paragraph.
·      We’ll pair-share, then check the paragraph, once everyone’s ready.

New Vocabulary
·      Abhor
·      Curtail
·      Cerebral

Review Old Vocabulary
·      Update our green vocab grid.
·      Update our extra credit grid.
·      Make flashcards for all our vocabulary words.

Howdy, AP!

When You Come In
·      Please sign in.
·      Upload your outline to google docs.

Essay Preparation
·      Outlines--work with several on google docs.
o   Thesis
o   Transitions—bridges between paragraphs
§  First and last sentences of each body paragraph
§  When your essay is in its skeletal form, it’s easiest to see how to craft them.
o   Thesis restatement

After Lunch
·      Finish your outline, and upload it into the correct folder on google docs.  Save it like this:  “Enfield”, your last name only.
·      At 12:55, we will be sharing them in groups, and peer conferencing. 
·      Review the Mitch outline for format, and then read each other’s outlines.
·      Type at least five comments on the outline, either positive or negative, or a combination.

·      Vocab Sushi Assignment #5 (due 11:20AM Wednesday)

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