Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Pick up a blue or purple bookmark.
3.     Pick up a copy of “Those Three Wishes.

·       Look at the bookmark journal to remind ourselves how to make a prediction.  (Put these in your read-and-relax book!)
·       In the margins of “Those Three Wishes”, write FIVE PREDICTIONS as I read aloud.
·       We’ll discuss them as we go through the story.
·       Write down the word “Summary” at the end of the story.

Strategy--Somebody Wanted But So
·       Write a summary sentence for "Those Three Wishes" on your copy of the story.

SOMEBODY:  Melinda; snail (Choose one!)

Our Class Model with Lindsay A.
SOMEBODY:  Lindsay
WANTED:  to sleep in, because she was tired
BUT:  she had to come to school
SO:  she got up, got ready for school, and got here on time!

Our Class Summaries:
·       MELINDA WANTED everything, BUT she didn’t use her wishes wisely, SO she forgot and killed herself.
·       MELINDA WANTED to gen at “A” on here test, BUT she got distracted by a snail, SO she forgot to study, and wished she was dead.
·       MELINDA WANTED to have more power from a thousand wishes, BUT she wished she was dead, SO she died.
·       MELINDA WANTED to study for her math test, BUT she ran into the snail and got sidetracked, SO she didn’t study and wished she was dead.
·       THE SNAIL WANTED to get away and not get stepped on, BUT Melinda was going to step on him, SO the snail offered her three wishes.

Vocabulary—New Word:  ALOOF
1.   Write down three situations in which a person might keep himself/herself ALOOF from others.  Make sure you write them down in enough detail that I can see your thinking.
2.   Talk to me about one of your situations.

·      I might keep myself ALOOF from other people if I’m a foreign exchange student, and I don’t know how to speak the language.
·      I might be ALOOF if I’m tired, because I stay away from people so I can rest.
·      I might be ALOOF if I’m in the grocery store and see someone I know, but I don’t want to talk to them, so I dart into a different aisle.

 Read and Relax (8:58)
·       I’ll start book chats at 9:15, for people who need them.  Sign your name on the board, if you need a book chat.
·       Carpet Corner = girls
1.      Haley
2.     Morgan
3.     Mariah
4.     Jo
5.     Johannah

2nd:  Alan, Alan, Kelby and Matt

Hey, AP!

Journal Quote
·      Free Write #2 (any topic for ten minutes)  11:23-1133
·      Turn your journal BACK in to me (on my desk) if your name is here:  Mitch, Teara, Jessica, Jared)

Essay Prep--Discussions
·      They Say / I Say
·      Minimalism Essay Assignment (guidelines)
·      Essay Outline—do not even think about the intro or the conclusion, until you have the body outlined; all you need to start is your thesis, which I’ve more or less created for you.
·      AP Writing Rubric (Big Picture—Begin with the End in Mind.)

·      Create poem folder on google docs.
·      Read journals.

·      Complete your essay outline—detail and organization!
·      Poem (directions on blog dates 9/9)

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