Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Hello, Reading!
 (Day Eleven)

When You Come In
·       Please sign in.
·       Please pick up the blue visualizing sheet by the attendance.

Strategy Review/Science Experiment
·       WITHOUT LOOKING AT YOUR CHAPTER FROM YESTERDAY, list all the details you can remember from yesterday in the correct boxes.  Whatever you can do will be fine!  J
·       Put the blue sheet in your strategy section of your binder when we finish talking about it.

Vocabulary Review
·       Go over the NEW extra credit vocabulary.  Melissa, Kelby, Johannah, and Addna added to it yesterday.
·       Review all old vocabulary—get up!  J

New Vocabulary
·       Germinate
o   Last year in Biology, we had to watch slime mold germinate, then draw it.
·       Holocaust

Six-Way Paragraph
·       Hurricanes!  Complete this on your own.
·       Use your strategies!
·       Pair-share—change answers, if desired.
·       Check and discuss as a class.  (We will do this tomorrow, so as not to cut into reading time today.)

Read and Relax (10:45)
Carpet Corner
·       Alan R.
·       Travis
·       Matt
·       Kelby

·       Lindsay
·       Morgan C.
·       Alicia
·       Anna
·       Mariah

Hey, AP!
Day Eleven
When You Come In
·       Sign in.
·       Please write your name across the top of Chuck P’s essay, “She Breaks Your Heart.”
·       Put it in the drawer so I can read your annotations.

·       Read and annotate Amy Hempel’s short story entitled “The Harvest.” 
·       Reading Journal—Please complete these four questions in your journal.  Title and date it, please.

1.           What is one question you have about this story.
2.          What are TWO WAYS this story is SIMILAR to either of the previous short stories we read?
3.          What are TWO WAYS this story is DIFFERENT from either of the previous short stories we read?
4.          What effects did sections TWO and THREE have on you as a reader?

·       Find a new person to Pair-Share with, and discuss your answers completely—academic discussion!  But I need you to quietly sneak off to a place where the two of you can talk, then return promptly to class when you’re finished.  (Make sure you sign each other’s journal in the margins.)
·       WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR PAIR-SHARE:  Write a few sentences at the end of your journal about what you learned from your pair-share partner today.

They Say/I Say—Writing an Essay Preparation  (If you need to flip this with vocab sushi, because you’re having internet issues at home, please do so.)
·       Read and annotate pages 1-13.  Make at least one annotation per page; I want to see evidence that you’ve read and thought about the whole chapter.
·       What information presented in these pages will be helpful when we write our in-class essay tomorrow?  Write three sentences in the blank space to the left of page one that SYNTHESIZES the most helpful information you learned in this chapter.

Homework for Tonight
1.      They Say/I Say:  Read and annotate pages 17-26.  Make at least one annotation per page; I want to see evidence that you’ve read and thought about the whole chapter.
2.     Vocab Sushi—please complete the ACTIVITIES by Friday, 9/9, 11:20AM.

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